Wednesday, 15 March 2017

I've had enough

I’ve had enough

At Reremoana school we’ve only got one court. So it’s time for an upgrade. I think that we should develop the court to many different courts. Like one for hockey, soccer, netball, and basketball, so we don’t have games and training clashing.

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At Reremoana school there’s been heap of injures. You’ve got to say basically all of the injures have been on the court. I’m just saying it’s a safety hazard. Image playing basketball YOU run into a netball post ouchh. You could get knocked out or maybe even worse. But if we had developed one of them to many different courts it would be a much different scenario. People won’t be hitting there head on post and interfering into other people's games, so you can enjoy your morning tea and lunch. If we could put a soft material like astro on the court it would be a saver landing as well.

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Heaps of people say that the courts are so hard to play sports, because there’s way too many lines on one court, so you don’t know what out or not. The lines are like crisscrossing so much it gives me a headache just looking at it. I would hate to be one of those people that just run out without noticing. Sadly I’ve done it before.

Image result for upgradeIf we develope the court it would be so amazing I would definitely be on there everyday. Plus Reremoana could even host our own tournament, how cool would that be. If we developed like I’ve got planned there would be a lot of decisions what to play during morning tea and lunch.
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So that’s why it’s the best decision to develop the court's. Less of a safety hazard, it won’t be confusing to play on because of the different areas and we could host our own tournaments.  

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