Thursday, 23 March 2017

It's time for a change

It’s Time For A Change
Dear Board of Trustees,

We need a change at Reremoana! As our school grows we need to make our school the best it can be. While we put AstroTurf everywhere and upgrade our classrooms has the courts ever came into suggestion. We’ve upgraded everything else in the school but yet we still have our rusty old court. Do you want other schools to come and laugh at us because of the courts we have compared to them. We should have better courts than all the schools in counties as we are one of the top schools. It has to be changed immediately it’s a disgrace to our school compared to all the other buildings and facilities. I mean at this rate the soccer field is better than our courts and that says a lot. We deserve to have an amazing school so make everything better than it already is.

Safety hazards. At Reremoana there just way to much injuries with most of those coming from the court. As Reremoana grow as a school it means that what we have won’t be good enough anymore,we need bigger and better facilities one of those being the courts. It’s just to small now we have over 400 students has it ever came to mind that more kids will want to use the court and the bigger our school gets the smaller the area on the courts get which is a bad thing.  As we will only have small room on the courts it means the people will bump into each other and get hurt, little kids will have hissy fits all the time because they don’t have enough room to play and it will be a pain for teachers and the office having to deal with injuries almost all the time. It has to be extended it’s just going to get worse and worse over time and it’ll just get to the point where people and parents will start to dislike this school because people get hurt to much and it won’t be a safe place to be. Who want’s to go to a school when it’s not going to be a safe place.

We will make so much money if we have amazing courts. When we have good courts it will attract sports teams,and the school could sell of the key to those sports teams and make money of it. Yes making the courts will cost abut 150,000 dollars and that will be a lot of money to raise up again. But in previous years we have proved that we can make money back easily. Stuff like bake sales,car boot sales,Gala’s, and many,many more make the school a lot of money. So if the school does things like that more frequently it will be easy as to make the money back that we spent on the court. Like I said before we could even make profit from the courts.  Which would be really helpful for our school as we could use that money to improve many other things in our school we could make things better if we wanted to. When one person uses the courts they will probably tell another person about it, and if they don’t the school Facebook page could post about it which means a parents who talks about it will see it and tell someone else. This means more and more people will want to use it and the school can keep rising the price up the more interest it gets. So money for the school it won’t be an issue if we have new courts.

We have to have AstroTurf. When it rains everything gets closed of but the courts and that's still not best thing to be on at most times because people just slip and fall. If we had AstroTurf that wouldn't be as big as a problem it might not even be a problem anymore. It'll be much safer and the gear won't get ruined as it would on the courts. AstroTurf is 100x better than tarsal so wouldn't it be a better option for the school. We have put AstroTurf in the worst places so why not put it into a place where nothing bad is bound to happen. What I mean by you guys put the AstroTurf in the worst places is that you put them in the middle of classrooms. We mostly play hockey on those turfs so do you think that was a smart option? We should have them on the courts as there won't be any problems on their because it's a fair distance away from all the classrooms. AstroTurf isn't that much more expensive so why don't we have something decent on our courts instead of something that ruins everything we have. It ruins most of our sports gear which means we have to buy the same sports gear again and again.

Aims games is beginning to be a massive priority in our school, and we don't even have the facilities to train at our school. We have to waste money and pay other schools so we can go train there. The futsal people can't even train properly because we slip over on the hockey turf all the time. If we actually had a proper facilities at out schools we could actually have a very good chance coming back with medals, but if we carry on doing what we are doing now then it's very difficult to come back with medals. Last year sometimes what would happen is that we wouldn't even have enough transport,so that mean not everyone go to go and train. Every player in both hockey and futsal teams needed training as for some us the game was knew and we knew the competition would be extremely tough.

We have to change our courts it's not even something you should take into consideration. Your the board of trustees you should've considered something like this years ago. If we get new courts it'll benefit us in so many ways it's basically endless. But I've given you the most important reasons. All you have to do is say yes to all of these and extend the court and put AstroTurf on it. It'll stop literally so much injuries for students and it'll be so much easier for the people in the sick bay. It would benefit the aims people so much meaning we could come back to school with a placing for any of the three sports. If we got AstroTurf we could actually do something when e get realised from class after wet days because right now it's so easy for people to slip over. SO CHANGE THE COURTS NOW!!!

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