Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Goodbye Junk food

At Reremoana school there is so much junk going around, there in kids lunch boxes, and there in the lunch order menu. So much fat and sugar, so much that 1/2 of the children are at the dentist most school days, getting cavites ripped, and most pupils in Reremoana school have diabetes because of all the junk they eat. you have a lot of junk there is a most likely chance of you, having a habit eating a lot of junk. There is a lot in our food pantries and so much in cupboards, and there is just so much in dairies and supermarkets. Junk food has a lot of sugar, even though it says 50% less sugar, it actually is lying, it has 50% more sugar in the junk that you are wanting to buy, Like my just juice that I have, it dose have so much sugar in it, but I still drink it. But now that I know that there is so much junk in this drink I have stopped.

The stuff that you eat a lot, will give you health problems in the future. It can cause obesity, blood sugar spike, hard on the heart, a weighty problem, it can cause most of our headaches, High blood pressure (diabetes) It can also, cause depression and extra calories, a lot of people are getting headaches all because of all the junk they eat having to go home never knowing why they had a headache the next day. Most people are living in hospitals all because of obesity, and diabetes, you can get different types of diabetes to.

And of course, people are spending too much time at the dentist getting their teeth pulled out, or getting filled, all because of the holes in their teeth, or there yucky rotten teeth showing everyone. Teeth is a big problem with our junk, all because of our junk we get these things. If you haven’t had a cavity yet then good luck in the future, we have to make sure that our teeth are clean and not having to spend time in the dentist.

There is so much things that can ruin your life when you are eating junk food, like tooth loss, gum disease, so much sugar, and health problems in the future. Junk food needs to go, out of Reremoana school. Goodbye Junk food

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