Thursday, 9 March 2017

Fit or Fat? Do You Even Have a Choice?

Junk Food - A way of getting more fat, sugar and hardly any nutrients your body needs. Should we eat junk food at school. NO! It says it in the name, JUNK food. It will be harder at fitness. It's okay to eat junk food some days but that's not everyday. Maybe it's time to stop eating junk food AT school.

This first thing I'm going to talk about is POOR EATING HABITS! You eat something and all of a sudden, you get addicted to it. 74% of students at school are unhealthy and unfit. What if everyone was unfit because we could eat junk food at school, this goes on to my other topic I'm going to talk about.
Lots of kids are unhealthy, this is why we should all do fitness. After fitness, some of us go and eat a whole lot of junk food. You don't wanna be losing some weight and gaining it again. School plays a big role in our life and I don't think we should be overweight.
Good things in, Good things out. What does that mean. It means if you eat healthy stuff, you will be able to do better things like, do fitness, be able to do other things and join in other games and you will be able to. Some fast foods are high in calories and low in nutritional value, who wants to eat that everyday. Yeah, it might be yum but eating it occasionally is better than eating everyday.

So yeah, 74% of children are overweight and shouldn't just eat more junk food, do students like getting fat. More kids are bringing junk food at school and sharing them around. Some kids won’t do fitness because they are unfit, that shouldn't be happening. Myself has improved my health over the past 2 years. So if I can do it, anyone can.

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