Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Developing the Reremoana School Court's

Developing the Reremoana School Courts!

To whom it may concern,
I strongly believe that we should develop the school courts, because the current situation is not suitable for the students!
- The courts are very dangerous for the students to play on,
- if we get them develop we could host lots of Interschool competitions,
- and we could easily hold fundraising events to get it fixed.
I really think that we should get them updated for the sake of the students, and it would really help.

The court’s current state is not suitable for us or the younger students. It is very dangerous because there is not enough space for the sports we play. We are a very sporty school, but we do not have the appropriate amount of space to be able to play these sports like Netball, Basketball, Hockey, and other things. People can get hurt by the courts current state, because they could fall / slip over and get scrapes, bruises, broken bones or sprained ankles and wrists’.

If we get the court's updated, we would be able to Hold Interschool Competitions.Competitions like this would be great for everyone, because other students will be able to see our amazing school. We could create something like the Junior Olympics to host here. Other schools would be able to come here and play sports, instead of paying lots of money to go to a sports stadium or field to play on, because we could host they all here in our own backyard.

Fundraising money for the court’s would be an easy and fun to do. There are plenty of ways to fundraise money to update the courts like…Car Wash, Raffle, Bake sale, Productions / Shows, Arts Fair,
and lots of fun things like that. With all of the different ways to raise money we would surely be able to upgrade the court’s, and if we had any left over money we could put it forward to other things in the school. It would be an easy thing to do, we could set the dates, and everyone can pitch in and it would also be a good experience for all of the students.

What now? Do you think it is a good idea to develop the School Court’s? Well I do because…
- The Court is not suitable for any of the students,
-We could hold interschool / Sports  events ( Which would be Awesome! )
- It would be easy and fun to raise money for to upgrade the court’s.

- From Rm 8, Kenjiah. W

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