Wednesday, 22 March 2017


The current situation on the Reremoana school courts is not looking so good, it should be an all weather court. Seeing kids running around and bumping into each other is not okay. The Reremoana courts are so old school and we deserve a brand new, Improved, and an all weather school court.

If we had no courts crossing over, it would be a much more safer environment and there will be less students ruining each others games. Students that play sports like Basketball or Netball will be able to play without interrupting each other’s games. A Basketball player like me runs into other people’s games and it's really annoying. If we want to host inter-school competitions, our courts should be up to standard or better!

Currently, our court isn’t an all weather-court and it should be. The courts and getting to crowded due to more students coming to play on the courts because, the fields are to wet to play on, Soccer nets are stuffed up, and more that I could go on about. The weather makes it even more worse. The cost of this would be a tremendous amount but would be worth it in the end. Starting a fundraiser would be an efficient strategy to earn money.

Expanding the court would be the ideal thing to do when more kids come and play on the court. No one really uses the Gurkha anymore because it's all closed off, might as well expand the court and make it bigger. Kids are getting more crammed, and crammed, and not having enough space to play on a proper, legit game of Basketball or Netball. What’s in it for you, the Board of Trustees, this is where you come in. If you wish to start a fundraiser, you’ll have enough money to get the equipment, and some kids might be able to help out on the court if the help is needed.

In the end, the Reremoana students would be happy playing on the brand new, improved, and an all weather school court. Picture it, there will be enough space for the Soccer, Netball, Basketball, and other games being played. No crossover courts will mean less students running into each others games and starting an argument. It will all be worth it in the end.

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