Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Develop the school courts immediately.

Develop the school courts immediately.

Image result for reremoana school logoI think that Reremoana School court is to old and too small. You can barely see the lines for the netball and basketball court. The court is to old and it is time for a change. If we got a new court it would benefit us in so many different ways. My reasons are, it's a health and safety risk, damages gear and if we get a new court we could host tournaments.     

It is a safety hazard with all the kids on the court at lunch time.
The kids could bang into the netball hoop or they could run straight into a pole, that could knock you out or give you a concussion. When kids fall on the court it hurts alot, it scraps the skin off your knees and hands and it makes you bleed. The are so many injuries that could happen on the courts. This is a health and safety risk and it needs to be dealt with. If we fall over on the new all weather courts it wouldn’t hurt as much.   

Image result for damaged hockey stickThe court destroys our sports gear. When we are playing hockey on the courts it scrapes the surface of the stick off when you hit the ball. In cricket sometimes we miss the ball and that chips the bat. When the gear gets damages that would make the school spend more money on getting the gear fixed or getting new gear. When practising hockey if you hit the ball the ball scraps along the ground. The court is very bumpy and the ball bounces up at peoples face.

Image result for new all weather courtsIf we got these courts it would be great for hosting tournaments. We could invite other schools to play friendly's. Playing against other schools would let us practice more and see how well other teams play. If we got the all weather court we could host tournaments like central counties netball. We could have a tennis and basketball tournament so everyone can play. If other schools come we could host them and they could play us and they could play other schools as well..

I believe that Reremoana schools courts should be redeveloped because the old court is a safety hazard, damages our sports equipment and we could host tournaments with other schools. Now that you know how bad the courts are and what the court does what are you going to do about it?.                                      

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