Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why we shouldn't wear school uniform

Why we shouldn’t wear   school uniforms             

Image result for reremoanaSchool uniforms we all know the pain about having to wear the same thing every single day to school. We all look forward to mufti days when they come around because we want to wear something of our choice and not the schools. No one can express who they are yeah we have 1 or 2 mufti days but that's not enough. Everyone likes wearing their own clothes and would much rather want to wear their own clothes.

Image result for reremoana uniformWhy do we have mufti days? Are we not aloud to wear our uniform on certain days sounds pretty dumb. When there’s mufti days almost every single kid comes in their own clothes. So why can’t the school make this a regular thing. Most people keep asking when’s the next mufti day or why isn’t there a mufti day. Isn’t that mean that people want to wear what they like. Wearing uniform is exciting at the start but when you wake up everyday pick up the same thing and put it on you get sick of it. Some days I don’t want to wear it and rather come topless to school. Mufti days is one of the days that all kids look forward to not just in our school but in all school’s where you have to wear a uniform. I came from a school that had no uniforms you could wear whatever you wanted to school and for me and a lot more people better than wearing a uniform.

Image result for money emojiMoney. That’s the one thing that will always come to a parent's mind when buying school uniforms. Teachers say that buying a uniform is a lot cheaper then buying random clothes well actually it’s not. We buy clothes for home most of the time so wearing that would be much cheaper. Having your own clothes that you wear at home and school is way cheaper than having to buy a separate uniform for school which is like 30-40 dollars and no one is going to have a shower and then put on their school uniform and walk around in that. All kids have more than enough clothes to wear to school for a whole year we don’t need a uniform on top of that. When you wash your uniform an done day it doesn’t dry what will u wear? The uniform from yesterday that probably smells from all the sweat from fitness.  No one would want to wear that to school. So if you do buy uniforms you're spending more money than you would just buying normal clothes.

Image result for messy closet cartoonThe last reason about having a uniform is that your closet gets over flowed. Every year each of us buy a uniform and what happens to the one? We either grow out of it and never use it again or we just never wear it again because we start wearing our new uniform and don’t want to wear the old because it’s probably faded and looks ugly. If we get buy uniforms and just our casual clothes what does that mean for our closet it’ll probably look like world war 3 just happened in there. Especially at our age we will have a lot of clothes in our closet and having those extra uniforms in there what a waste of space. Instead of making those uniforms they could make something else for people in need for clothes and give it to them instead of wasting it on us. We can afford normal clothes for ourselves and bring them to school people like that can’t so give something to them.

So let us be free and express who we are. No one wants to waste money on a uniform when the school has the option of making us be uniform free. Let us express who we are and be happy when we wear clothes to school. We dislike wearing our uniform it a waste of money,freedom and it just makes you look like a fool. So let us be who we want to be and let us wear our own clothes.

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