Sunday, 12 February 2017

Why we shouldn't wear school uniform

Why we shouldn’t wear
school uniform

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chool uniform we all know is a pain to wear every single week day. That’s why I think that we shouldn’t wear a school uniform. Most students in our school don’t want to wear school uniform because they get smelly throughout the week. We normally wear mufti every 2 term and that’s not enough. We should be allowed to wear it every day.

Image result for money emojiThe school uniform is too much money. Pretty much all the clothes are 20$ or more. I would rather get clothes from warehouse which is cost about $10 per shirts and pants. The warehouse the warehouse where everyone get a bargain literally.

The other reason why I think we shouldn’t wear school uniform. It's because the school doesn't have any color in our school that's why we color our class rooms so that our school would be more colorful. But if we wear our own clothes it would be colorful without the school spending.
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Inconclusive I think that we shouldn’t wear school uniform because it's too much money and there's no money.

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