Sunday, 12 February 2017

Why we shouldn’t have a school uniform

Why we shouldn’t have a school uniform

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I b elieve that we shouldn’t have a school uniform and hear are my three reasons why. Firstly the price, secondly feeling uncomfortably. I think if we did it would be a good decision and it would increase the level of happiness in the school wearing their own cloths.

Image result for gold dollar sign transparent backgroundReason one, the price of the school uniform is so expensive and not all parents can afford. Most kids will grow out of the uniform and then the parents will have to buy a new uniform and so on to the end of year 8. The parents could be spending that money on putting food on the table instead they're spending it on school uniform.

Reason 2 to some people the school uniform is very uncomfortable and they don’t like the feel of the material and the it is so hot and heavy. Some people don’t like wearing the same clothes every day. Most people don’t like the feeling of itching tags and irritating people and distracts them from there learning
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Reason 3 does not allow to be free some people including myself like the feeling of our own clothes.  Some people don’t like the feeling of the uniform and the material is not nice for some people and they can get a rash and be irritated.

To end this i'm going to say Do you like wasting money, Being uncomfortably and not being free. So now you have heard what I have said what are you going to do about it.   

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