Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why we should where school uniform.

I believe that we should wear uniform.It shows respect,You represent your school on sports trips and we can still have mufti days once in a while as fundraisers.

Firstly you represent your school on sports days.Because if you go on sports days in mufti then the people at the sports days will ask you what school are you from and then you say it over and over again but if you wear uniform then they be like sup Reremoana School.Bullying gets reduced because people wouldn’t mock anyone for wearing weird and wacky clothes.

Secondly shows pride to your school.because it is a honor wearing our school uniform.It also makes us look neat and tidy with those slick as collars and the pants.Also all of us wearing it means we're all in it together.Also the prices are really good because a Navy polo shirts is only $25.00 and the shorts being only $33.50 and the Rust fleece being only $37.50.

In conclusion I think the we should wear uniform to school.Because it represents your school and gives you an identity,it gives you pride and we can still have mufti days once and awhile and the prices are really good.We can also lower the prices by a few dollars to save a few dollars.

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