Sunday, 12 February 2017

Why we should were mufti

Why we shouldn't  were School uniforms to school.

I think that we shouldn’t were school uniforms to school because, Some of us older kids really get annoyed when they can’t were mufti to our school. Reremoana students, wake up in the morning having to get dressed into the school uniform. So these are my three reason why we shouldn't were school uniforms to school.

We should were mufti to school, because then people that can’t afford most of the uniforms at school, because we just keep changing our uniforms, to other wise different colors or other type of material. Parents get annoyed when their children come home begging to get the new track pants, or new caps, maybe new skirts for the girls, but then the parents would always say no because it is otherwise to expensive or it’s the last year of school for one of their children. Mufti would be great for this reason, so that the parents don't keep buying new school uniforms for their kids half way during the year

If we were mufti we can otherwise decide to fundraise for a foundation, like the one were doing for open heart surgery.  Any foundation that we find on the internet or maybe some foundation have asked us to try and fundraise a lot of money to help some kids in the hospital, or maybe in africa that don't have  any freshwater or healthy food, or not very nice houses, that isn't good for their health during their life.

If we were mufti during a couple of days there is less washing to do instead of a heap of washing during the 5 days of our week, everyone can show off their supporters gear like steph curry shirts, warriors t-shirts, all blacks clothing.

Those were my three reasons why we should were mufti to school 1 because people can't afford school uniforms we can fundraise for some kids in hospitals, kids in africa, or kids that don't have a healthy house, and less washing to do

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