Monday, 13 February 2017

Why we SHOULD wear uniform

Why we SHOULD wear uniform

I believe that reremoana school should wear uniform and not mufti because 1. It it will make our school look more professional, so more kids will apply 2. People can look at your logo on the uniform if you get lost, and will know what school you come from 3.wearing mufi is a huge money waster and  4. It not only creates less bullies but it will prove that we are a clean and tidy environment, by keeping our uniform neat and . Keep reading and soon you will believe that uniform is the way to go.

First of all, it makes reremoana school look more professional, and if we look smart that means more students will apply because we look like a good quality school for people to come to. So we can grow as a school and eventually be able to, get,more equipment for sport, camp, learning tools and more field trips to go to. and furthermore lots of opportunities. Even if we do wear uniform we can still have mufti days, which will make it more of a special day. Which will make the day a whole lot more fun, because it is something we don’t usually do. So it’s more of a special occasion to have.

My second reason is, when we go on field trips or sports days we would usually wear our uniform. Some students may think it is stupid that the teachers force us to wear our uniforms. But it's not. Wearing a uniform on a sports day or field trip is actually a smart idea. Because not only does it keep you safe, but it actually makes us look more intimidating. Because we are in such a big group and we all have proper uniforms for sport, it makes people think that we take our sport seriously here, and they might back down a bit. Another reason is that if one of the little kids  went astray and got lost and didn't know what school he or she came from, (probably because they just started). People would be able to tell what school we came from by the logo on their uniform. Where is if we were in mufti, nobody would likely know where he or she come from,because they wouldn’t have a logo on their shirt.

Thirdly lots kids in our school have alot of money, this is where bullying comes in. Because lots of kids, who have quite a fair bit of money, will be able to buy better clothes. Where is people who have less money they don’t get very good clothes and can’t afford better. And sometimes the people who have better clothes and money, think they are soooo much better and decide to go and pick on a person with not so cool clothes. Even though they did nothing wrong, and now all of a sudden it’s their fault, for wearing not so good clothes to school. And just imagine buying all these new mufti clothes because they get easily ripped or something… serious money waster. So we need uniforms for school.

Last but certainly not least,wearing a uniform, not only creates less bullies, but it proves that we show pride in our school by all wearing the correct uniform. People that come to visit our school, will know that we take pride and show respect in our school uniform. Our uniform also speaks for our clean and tidy environment, if we all wear it the same way, and keep it neat. So as you can see the school uniform is a critical part in our school.

In conclusion, I think we SHOULD wear a uniform and not mufti because …
1.It it will make our school look more professional, so more kids will
2. People can look at your logo on the uniform if you get lost, and will know what school you come from 3.wearing mufti is a huge money waster. And  4. It show we take pride in our school by keeping our uniform neat.

By Ella 

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