Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why we should wear uniform

We should wear our uniform because when wearing it in and out of school you are showing pride to our school. Wearing uniform is good because when we go out to a sports day everyone is wearing the same clothes so that we know who we are. The logo has two important colours orange and navy blue and those are on the sports uniform the pants and shirt for the casual uniform are the navy blue. All uniform has the logo embroidered on it which will show what school we come from and what school we are representing.

Everyone thinks that wearing the uniform is bad and that it is uncomfortable but really there is no reason to complain because our school has mufti days now and then. When we have them they are to support someone or something, that's better than wearing mufti every day for no reason. As everyone is wearing a uniform there is no one that is getting offended by what someone is wearing or what people say about their clothes. If we are all wearing the same thing there is nothing to say about anyone's clothes.

Wearing a uniform is better than wearing mufti because yes you need to buy a uniform but then it's better than having to buy clothes every weekend and when your clothes get dirty you worry the uniform you wear till the end of the week then was it and it all clean. The clothes you buy you will mainly only wear to school because you have brought them for that reason and you won't wear them that much on the weekend so you spend that money for no reason.

Wearing uniform are so much cleaner and we don't need to worry about people being offended with what others a wearing and there will be no reason to go and buy 20 more shirts for no reason because when your school one gets dirty you just have to wait then at the end of the week you can go home and wash it you don't need to have more clothes in the washing. The mufti days that I said before are also better because we help put in the process than buy something and it not going towards something apart from someone wallet so we should just stick to the uniform. Our uniform is so much better with the fact that we have a sports one as well and it represent us when we're at a sports day in so many ways and we have many people that buy them because they use them every day because they are so much more comfortable running in.

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