Wednesday, 15 February 2017


I believe that reremoana should wear uniform at school because.

Many people don’t have clothes to wear at home and we/thay may not like what other people wear at our school. We also were our uniforms so that if we get lost we would know? Where we are on field days or if younger kids try to escape our school you could just look at our uniform and see our logo on our uniform and report the child back to school. So if we wear uniform our school will look professional so that more kids keep applying for our school.   

Secondly why we should wear school uniform is because you wouldn't have to worry about what you would want to wear and it's way easier for families to deal with school uniform than buying clothes all the time. Uniforms can also increase self-confidence when us kids don’t feel pressured to wear certain types of clothing.

Thirdly if us students wear school uniforms we don’t get bullied for what we wear, because everyone would be wearing the same uniform.
Us kids get bullied for wearing certain types of clothing that other kids may not like or just doesn't like you.  

Last but not least wearing school uniforms not only show bullying but also shows pride of what we wear at reremoana school. People will come visit our school and they need to know if our school is GREAT, that if we respect and take pride at our school.

I think we should wear uniform because…

  1. Many people don’t have mufti clothes to wear at home and if we do wear uniform we would look professional so kids keep applying.
  2. family’s  wouldn't have to worry about what mufti clothes to wear for their children.
  3. If we did wear mufti clothes kids would get bullied because kids wouldn't like what other kids wear and then kids bullied kids.
  4. Also wearing uniform not only shows uniform but its showing pride to our school. By Caitlin       

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