Thursday, 9 February 2017

Why we should wear school uniform.

Mufti is a waste of time
Why mufti is a waste of time and to stay with our school uniform. If people wear mufti everyday you can get muddy so it is basically wearing new clothes everyday and it will  make your mum stressed but if you're wearing school uniform you can just wear it over and over again .

Wearing school uniform you can feel proud to be in this school.When you go to a sports event for example you can represent our school by wearing our uniform instead of running around wearing mufti and we get to stand out from the rest I think students should wear school uniforms because it is cheaper!

Parents spend hundreds of dollars every year just on clothes for their kids. The main reason why kids want those clothes is because they want to fit in. If all kids are wearing the same thing this problem won't occur.If  School uniforms help to eliminate bullying due to the fact that everyone is dressed the same and children can’t be teased for wearing something unusual or different.

And now to conclude what do you think, should we or shouldn't we I hope I persuaded you today thank you  :)

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