Sunday, 19 February 2017

why we should wear mufti

Why we should wear mufti every day and not school uniform.
My first reason
Wearing uniform is a awful thing for students because some kids get to bring the right clothes to school and other kids make fun of them. Some kids might forget and the teachers tell them off and they get a phone call home to their parents and they might get in trouble and have a bad day
My second reason
It takes away our freedom of choice if some kids are like this as a child the might think they have no choice as an adult and might wear their school uniform “but i doubt it”.
My third and final reason
Uniform cost heaps of money and some people can't afford a house so how are they supposed to buy school uniform. And some times when they go to the uniform shop they are out of stock and you can't buy the uniform. So that's all my reasons.

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