Thursday, 9 February 2017

Why uniform is more efficient than mufti.

Why uniform is more efficient than mufti :
Student’s having to be Compared or judged because what the wearing isn’t cool enough, parents having to spend endless money on clothes so kids can feel like they belong, and missing out on showing the Reremoana qualities, those are some of the main reasons that stick out for me on wearing no school uniform, but continuing things the way they are with our unique, smart uniform would erase all of the possible complications that could come into Reremoana school.

Uniform is a big part to Reremoana school. It displays our qualities and how we work and it makes us unique to other schools. At Reremoana we pride ourselves on making efficient decisions and obviously our learning. Having no uniform could interfere with both of them, considering if kids are judged and feel out of place if there clothes aren’t as flash as the person next to them, could really make problems for us as a school.

As my mum's always said money doesn’t grow on trees, and she is exactly right. The cost for parents would rise and cause major frustration. And who wants to waste all of their earned money on clothes when they could be spending less, and saving it for real life needs. Having a uniform gives a student a real identity with their school, and making the switch would destroy students routines, and have an impact on a horrific change that I know isn’t the right one to make.

Always remember that you need to have a student identity and connection with your  school, you need to realise that money unfortunately doesn't grow on trees, and by staying with the school uniform, you get the opportunity to represent our school with pride, and not face issues that non-uniform schools have to face day in, and day out.
By Ashley Pollock

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