Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why should we wear a school uniform ?

Why we should wear a Uniform to School.

Why do we wear a school uniform? Why is it so important?
1. Because it gives us a sense of Pride,
2. Because it keeps balance and
3. Because it keeps us student safe.

Personally, I believe that we should wear a school uniform because it gives us a sense of Pride. What is “ Pride “ ? Many people don’t know but it is Self-respect and Self-esteem, and everyone should have it because it is important to have Pride in what we wear. Plus a uniform make us look Respectable, Cool and we should be Proud to be able to wear something like our Reremoana School uniform. We are the wonderful people that Represent this school and we should be Proud because this is one heck of an AMAZING school !!!

In addition to this, wearing a school uniform keeps the balance between the students. Balance is very important to have at schools because if we wear Mufti other Children could potentially be bullied because of what they wear. Plus people try to impress others went they wear, because they just want to look “ Cool “ so that they can make more friends and be in the Limelight. People wear uniforms to make sure that doesn’t happen, because if people bully others because of what they wear, it potentially wouldn’t make sense because they are wearing the exact same thing.

Also, wearing a school uniform can keep us safe when we go on school trip e.g.
Keeping us safe is very important, and a uniform help us do that. On school trip they make us stand out from a crowd and they give us a name. It makes it easier to find our group because we would normally be wearing the same thing, and people will know who to take us to if we got lost.
It also helps of Sports days, Trips and Out-of-School related activities.

So wearing a uniform is very important because..
1. It gives us a sense of Pride,
2. It keeps the balance between the Students and
3. It keeps us safe.

By Kenjiah. I. Weir

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