Wednesday, 15 February 2017


We should wear uniform

I believe we should wear uniform at school. It would be so much easier wearing uniform it saves you time getting ready in the , it saves you money and nobody would judge you  because you will be  wearing the same thing .

It saves you time in the morning . Normally if you weren't wearing uniform you would be taking so much time deciding what to wear everyday , if you wearing uniform you could just  grab your uniform and get changed , all that time you were trying to find and outfit you could be finishing your homework, playing a game or watching TV.

Many people get judged by the way they look or how they dress by other people.If we were all wearing uniform that won't happen because everyone will be wearing the same thing ,this will definitely help bring some of ours bullying problems down.When we are wearing mufti there are so many problems that could happen but the main one is that people could come to school in inappropriate clothes. That either to short , or to loose that they keep falling down and showing to much skin . They could have gang names or stuff that could hurt others feeling.If we wear normal uniform it wouldn’t be inappropriate because the school designed the uniform and passed it as our official uniform.

It shows pride.Wearing uniform shows you have pride in your school and that you respect it.when we go to a sports day we wear our P.E uniform to show that we represent our school and we want them to do well. When we go to other event we wear our uniform we wear it because we have respect for our school. Wearing uniform will teach you to take good care and responsibility for your school and its uniform.

Uniform is an important part of our school . It saves

you time , shows pride and you won’t be judged and That's why I believe you show wear uniform.In the end you will still be able to wear mufti because we have mufti days at least once a term.

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