Saturday, 11 February 2017

We should wear uniform
I believe we should wear uniform
because it represents our school and if one of us gets lost we will know what they are wearing and what school they go to .

Also the money that the parents give to buy the uniforms go to the school so we can get bigger amounts of money and the the school can get new things.

Furthermore If a year 1 or 2 goes missing by jumping over the fence we can easily find him or her and we have PE uniform to bring to school every day if we bring mufti we might not bring a PE uniform and then we might get cold and we don't have a jumper.

Also your not representing your school if you don't wear your uniform by bringing mufti to school.
you aren't representing your school bring your mufti to the mall that's fine but don't bring it in to school.
and also you should wear your cap because it is not only representing your school it is protecting you from the sun

In the end i'm just trying to say wear your uniform