Wednesday, 15 February 2017

we should wear school uniform

We should wear school  uniform…


In my opinion we should wear school uniform because firstly it is cheaper on parent because parents spend too much money on us kids because if we don’t wear school uniforms you have to go and buy new outfits for every day. were if you wear school uniforms you don’t have to pick out an outfit when you can just get changed into your school uniform and then go and have breakfast and then once you're finished with that you can go play games, watch tv and other things before going to school. Were if you have to wear mufti every day you will be standing in front of your cupboard deciding what to wear and then there is oppositely that you would be late for school and not be able to eat breakfast.

we should wear school uniforms is because buying clothes for every day is expensive and if kids are going to want to go to school in dresses they are going to have to buy more clothes because they are going to have to take sports clothes to. If we wear school uniforms it will also be better because have you seen the prices of the normal clothes you will have to buy active tight/shorts that are $39.00 you will have to buy active tops/singlets that are $30.00 but that is not all you would have to buy, You would have to buy sweatshirts that are $40.00 but some people might not feel comfortable going to school like that. What does that mean? Yes you are going to have to buy more clothes like denim shorts that are $39.00 and tops that are $39.00 and another jumper that are $39.00 and that would all cost $226.00..
But that would all change if you wear school uniforms you would need to buy a sports top $29.00 the sports pants $21.00 the skorts $31.00 the shirt $25.00 the white shirt if in year 7-8 $28.00 the year 7-8 hoodie $60.00 and the cap $14.00 and in total that costs $208.00 So what one would you choose the mufti every day that costs $226.00 or the school clothes that only costs $208.00. I know if had to choose to wear school uniform.

This has brought me to the last reason why we should wear school uniform. so everyone probably knows how it feels to be be teased or judged over what you wear because say you were wearing this top people could come up to you and say oh why are you wearing that top you look ugly in it didn’t you have any other clothes to wear.  but if you wear school uniform you wouldn't have that problem were people call you ugly because you are all wearing the same clothes. If we all wear school uniforms we all look the same and no one will get teased and the biggest thing you save $18.00 did you know with $18.00 you can buy yourself 4 pairs of $4.00 of  ballet flats for girls or you can buy other things.

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