Thursday, 9 February 2017


Why should most schools even have uniforms? I have been to a school that doesn’t have a uniform and the education is just as good as any other school, even Reremoana school. I think schools shouldn’t make kids wear a uniform because kids are more comfortable wearing their own clothes. Wearing a uniform takes away a whole category of individuality and kills parent’s wallets. Personally, I think uniforms cost so much so the schools can make more money.

First of all, kids feel more comfortable wearing their own clothes. If you put school uniforms in kids drawers but let the kids choose what to wear to school, no kid would ever come in school uniform. Their own clothes are a part of them and uniforms should not.

Their personality should not be changed by what the school says, but what they say. Schools should make suggestions on what makes a person better but should not change their personality/taste directly. Students should have freedom of expression via clothing because it won’t harm anybody to wear what they want. Sure, dress codes can be made but schools should not have uniform mandatory.

Last but not least, uniforms are draining parent’s wallets. Let’s look at how much a Reremoana school uniform costs, a Tee-Shirt costs $25, Shorts cost $33.50, a Jumper/Jacket costs $37.50 and a Cap costs $14. That’s $110! An alternate solution in mufti would include a Tee Shirt ($4), Shorts ($10), Jacket ($11) and a Cap ($9). That’s only $34! $76 of savings for parents is well worth not buying a school uniform.

So If you want to save money, mold yourself to be who you want to be and feel comfortable about yourself at the same time, make Reremoana School uniform free!

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