Wednesday, 15 February 2017



You come to school and you have a sports day out of school. If going to the sports day, how would you feel about not representing the school. Other people won’t know what school you're from. So, wearing a uniform does have a purpose and i'll tell you why you should we a uniform.

Image result for uniform clipart pngWearing uniform shows the school and the students is neat, tidy and more organised. It will look very disorganised if everyone wore different clothes. If other kids wore mufti, they might get bullied about what kind of clothes they wear.

Also, You might be going out on a field trip and you get lost because you weren’t listening to the teacher, people will know what school you're from because you're wearing the school uniform. Wearing other uniforms from other school’s doesn't count.

If a student, a year 8 probably, comes into school with the wrong type of clothes on, what are we going to do about it. Year 2 - 3’s might get the wrong idea, they think it's cool to show up in inappropriate clothes.

Getting the idea yet, we should wear uniform to school. It represents the school, it would look disorganised wearing mufti and some people wearing inappropriate clothing that might teach little children the wrong thing, maybe it would be good to stay wearing.

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