Thursday, 16 February 2017

Should we/should we not wear school uniforms.


I think we should not have school uniforms at
school because…

If you don't have enough money and you can't buy a pair of shorts and t-shirts then you can just wear mufti instead.Mainly all of the kids at some schools wanna wear mufti because they don't like the way the uniforms look like and they wanna wear what they want.Another reason is kids wanna look different to other kids.

If you have enough money for a pair of t-shirts and pants

Then you can buy a pair of school clothes.See mufti is way better than uniforms because you get to express yourself and have freedom.
And barely any kids that i have seen haven't came up to me before and tells me that i love my school uniform.It really helps the people that can't afford uniform but have mufti is always there when you can't afford uniform.

Pros:The reason they have school uniforms is because it's a way of representing your school and having respect.

Some schools have just mufti no uniforms at all but we need mufti not just for our school for our own style.

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