Wednesday, 15 February 2017

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Let's all come together as one school lets were uniform
Uniform is good too were because you all look the some and if we go out for a sports day we can wear are pe tops and represent reremoana school.

Wearing uniform is a big part of our school here are some reason  way
.You will not be judge if people do not like what you are wearing

.people will no that we are reremoana school when they see are uniform

.It is fun when you here that there is a mufti day coming up but if you wear mufti every day then it is not fun

.you will  have too go a buy new clothes but if you are wearing uniform you don't have too buy clothes that much.

. wearing mufti take so much time were if you were wearing uniform it would take too seconds

So that is why that i think that we should wear uniform just think that we will be more of a school.

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