Wednesday, 8 February 2017


The first problem with people wanting to wear what they want is the money difference
Image result for poor clothes and rich clothesPeople will hate the clothes that some people have and  then they will spend more money on clothes that they do not need. Such as if some one rich haves nice clothes and someone poor has bad ones, people will judge the person getting picked on and people will feel bad about there self. So this is a issue in itself also these (poor) people will want to buy new clothes  and spend all there money on clothes, the parents will soon complain and so will the students.

This brings me to my second reason if some one about 5 to 6, escapes the school by climbing over the fence, or even on a school day runs away and gets lost. Someone finds this 5 - 6 year old kid in the streets, have no tag (Reremoana Trademark) how will they know that the 5 - 6 year old person is from that school?

Point 3:
This all doesn't matter anyways, our school uniform looks nice and we have heaps of them. If you don't like it well it's only for 8 years, + we have heaps of uniforms coming out all the time we have a old p.e uniform a new p.e uniform a white shirt a tan shirt a navy blue shirts. These are just some of the choices. The uniform are not even that bad.

This is why I know you need to wear the right school uniform at school Because of money difference, If a 5 - 6 year old escapes the school they have a trade mark and because our uniforms look great any ways. Don't change just because someone says “ewww you're wearing a yuck uniform” say this back well “you're wearing one to”