Thursday, 16 February 2017

Do all schools need a uniform?

“ Hey mum, what can I wear today? ” This is the last thing that you want to hear, on any day of school when all you want to do is get to school and do your work. If all schools didn't have uniforms this would be a major issue for all students of Reremoana school. If we did have school uniform, all you would need to do is get your school uniform put it on, then your ready to go to school. I believe that all schools should wear a school uniform and here are my reasons why...

Firstly, If some families don’t have as much money as others they might feel embarrassed, especially considering if you wore mufti there would be rich people who have amazing clothes, but there will also be students who don’t have as much money and will feel embarrassed or feel that they can’t go and proudly showcase what they are wearing, now just imagine if you were that person who is afraid that everyone will laugh when they show them what they are wearing because they don’t have enough money to afford anything better. Well doing that, they will be embarrassed and start excluding themselves from heaps of activities and therefore they could drop down in their learning and there is a possibility that they could be alone at lunch, and won’t have friends. If we had a uniform that person will not be embarrassed and will be happy to include themselves and they will be much happier. 

Secondly When you go to field trips such as a school hockey tournament you need a uniform to represent your school and show who you are and where you come from. Especially at a school who is very good at sports and always comes first or second in their clusters, they will be playing in heaps of finals and will need some sort of a uniform just to represent them and just so that they look respectable. Sometimes there are also people that like something specific that people that could bring talent to our school like and want to know who the school is so that they could maybe come to our school to further themselves in whatever they want to do and could also maybe help the school with that.        

  My Third reason is that students need to learn to show pride in whatever they do or use and they could start by showing pride in their school. I get that our school uniform may get messy
at times, but at the end of the day when we wear our uniform, we show that we have pride in our school and we are more than happy to wear the Reremoana pride. The school helps us with so much and the least that we could do is represent them well wherever we go and do it with respect.

Just think of all the money parents will be spending on clothes for their Children at Reremoana you only need one set of uniform which includes a top ( $25.00 ) A Skort or pants ( $33.00 ) A cap ( $14.00 ) and also a jumper or hoodie ($37.50 ) and that all adds up to $109.50. If you were to wear mufti you would need a Hat, shirt, some pants and a jumper per day, A shirt usually costs $15.00, some pants which are between 12 and $15.00, a jumper which is $20.00 and a hat which is $12.00 and that all adds up to $63.00 and that's only for one set of clothes and you would want at least 3 or 4 pairs a month. At that rate, your parents won't have much money left.      

My final reason is that when there is new students that come into our school like year ones they might not enjoy school as much as everyone else would and then find a way to get out of the school gate since they are so small they will be able to do it,
they might not know there way around so if they do get lost and someone finds them, the adult will be able to take them back to the school or contact their parents will contact them through the school and they will be able to get home safely. 

In conclusion I think that all schools should have school uniforms instead of wearing mufti everyday because 1 - everyone will be seen evenly 2 - when you have tournaments you will be able to be seen by who your school 3 - we'll learn to have pride in our school 4 - all the money parents will be saving and 5 - new students will always manage to get back to their school. Despite students wanting to wear mufti more I think that I have proven that it is better to wear school uniform and it will end up helping your family a lot more and I think that your parents would appreciate that, don't you?        


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