Sunday, 1 January 2017

Journal Prompt

It was a beautiful sunny day at the grodjesk’s farm, Luka, James, and John were outside plowing the field when they all heard a rumbling sound coming from up the road. The boys look towards where the sound is coming from, but when they look they only see a moving truck rolling up to the kaldens house next door, ‘that must mean that a new family is moving in next door’ the boys thought. So the 3 boys got up and went over to the new family to meet them. The first person they met was the son, his name was Brant. He was 6 years old turning 7 in a couple of days, he had brown hair with blue eyes, he would have been 130 cm tall. Luke asked Brant to show him the rest of his family, so he did. Next they met Odelia, Brant’s older sister, she was 13 years old and would have been the same height as John, 158 cm, she had light green eyes with blonde hair. But the boys didn’t have much time to meet her because she had to help unload the moving truck, so they moved on to meeting their dad but they only really got to know his name, which was Marcel and he might have been 6.4 foot with brown hair and blue eyes, and then he had to move on and keep unpacking. Next Brant took the three boys inside and introduced them to his mum who was already sorting out the kitchen. Her name was MiraBelle, and she wouldn’t have been much taller than Marcel. She had long blonde hair with green eyes, but she was really focused with what she was doing. After meeting their family they had to go back to their house and carry on with their work that they needed to do, and that was the end of meeting the new family.

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