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world war 2

World war 2

Everyday that I had of my life was taken for granted I didn’t know what I was thankful for until it was gone. The flashbacks and memories were horrific, I was scared for life. Of course I hadn’t known then that it would be coming, that it would almost take my life, and leave me with nothing. It was 1939 when it happened, it was a very normal day, I was packing my bag, sneaking in a few gum packets in the process, my favorite flavor, strawberrylicious. I kissed mum goodbye, giving her happy smile. James and I were almost out the door when an unfamiliar sound buzzed above us. Mums face immediately went pale. James and I were puzzled and nervous at mother's suddenly scared face. The sound grew louder, when it let out a burst.  An excruciatingly loud ring soured down. Mum grabbed our hands and ran off. I had never seen mum so mortified before. Dad ran after us holding our little sister Maggie in his arms. Emotions stirred inside of me, tears rolling uncontrollably down my cheeks. “Dear God oh glorious God, may you help us, help us to be calm and and become less scared, Lord I pray you to be with us at this scary time, and keep us safe in your arms”. We dropped into the cell, and firmly closed the door shut. Mother hugged us with wide loving arms. Dad joined over top, magie crying in his arms. It was this moment we had hear a loud crash, the ground shock, it was as if the world were to end.

Clambering out of the cell I remember the fear flowing all through my body. It was as if I was born into a crazy orphanage being beaten every time you were to be seen, like the one in the movie going solo. I looked over to see my mother crying on my Dad's shoulder, james gripped my hand tightly. I was just happy our whole family was safe. It was only a few minutes after the bomb had reached us, that we were informed that we had to flee our homes, to run off to a safer country. And not by car, but on foot. 10,000 miles, on foot, just to be somewhere safer. World war two was coming into play.

I had read a lot about the war and many of the things that happened back then were horrific and, unmentionable. And to have the same thing happen to us was a horror movie in itself. The adrenalin was rushing to me, frightened out of my mind, we packed our rations, and crept out of our home, on the walk to a new life.
Many days had passed since the bomb was dropped and the whole family was knacked. It was this day that I remembered the most, and the most painful, and heart breaking of all days. Walking along the railway track I remember talking to my older brother james, about the new country we would be staying in, when a loud crack was let out, a land mine had blown up right under my brother foot and had cut it clean off. The flashbacks were indescribable, the amount of fear that had surged through my body at that point in time was unreal. A shriek of terror brought the family to a hult. Father eyes increased in size, and my mother's, face grew pale white. In Search for a bandage we found a leaf and twig, and binded them around his legs. And although he was  paralyzed for life, he was not dead, and God had kept him safe, throughout the whole journey.

World war 2 was a terrible time, and not a matter to ever be laughing about. Hitler was a terrible man, to be unspoken about to anybody of any age. And when it was over, everybody had been pleased that he was dead.

When this time had happened to me, yes of course I was scared, but knowing that God was by my side, was so much more powerful, than any bombs or gasses, or landmines. He was the creator of everything good, and much more powerful than anybody or anything living, and unliving. He had kept me safe, and my family safe. He is the reason I am her, and the reason I am still living today.


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Mixed Tape Narrative

“Wake up Brett it’s time for you to go!”Mrs Munro shouted. He rolled of his bed thumping onto the ground as he got up for his early morning sport training.  He never wanted to go to any trainings in the morning but his mum always forced him because she knew that he enjoyed it after 5-10 minutes into the session. Brett was never so convinced by his mother so he tried to make up excuses when he was in the bathroom like making strange sounds in the bathroom or fake coughing because the Eco made it sound really bad. But Brett’s Mum was used to all of this since he tried it all the time. Lawrence knocked on the door waiting for Brett to answer so they could go to sports training together. Mrs Munro answered the door and asked Lawrence to step inside while his friend was getting ready. Brett was taking longer than he usually does which made Lawrence a little worried that he might run late for training.  Anyone who showed up late to training had to do fitness the whole time.  Lawrence couldn’t risk having to do to the fitness even if it meant that Brett had to so he decided to leave and hurry to school with the time he had left.

Finally Brett had got out of the bathroom but he still hadn’t realized he running under the clock. He does everything acting like he as all the time in the world. He had realized that his friend Lawrence wasn’t there so he decided to check the time to see if he was going to arrive soon. His heart stopped he pushed his cereal bowl a side, grabbed his bag and ran to school as quick as possible. Lucky for Brett he had arrived on time but since he was in a rush he forgot all his gear. Mr Whitehead was furious he told Brett he was going to have to do the fitness test. Brett wasn't having it so he decided to back chat to his teacher which only ended badly for him. He was told that he was no longer going to be a part of the team and he should forget about doing any other sport because Mr.Whitehead was going to make sure that he wasn't doing any.

School had started and Brett had the urge to ask why Lawrence didn’t wait for him for training because it might've kept Brett out of the trouble he was already in. He started talking to him in class but his teacher Mr.Whitehead hated when people talked over the top of him.Since he was already in Mr.Whitehead bad books he got told off but Brett decided to talk back so Brett and Mr,Whitehead are going at each other. And it just got to the point where he was told to leave the class and he was going to be having a meeting with the principle. Brett hated getting embarrassed in front of his classmates so he decided to do something that would make his teacher look like a fool even though he knew that the consequences if Mr.Whitehead ever found wouldn’t be very pleasant. Brett knew he didn't have a chance with the principle because the teacher always won the argument when they entered that room. And the exact same thing happened to him as well but 10x worse. He was told he had 2 days left and that would be it he wouldn't be aloud to come back to the school ever again.

Brett decided that he was going to injure his teacher badly before he was forced to leave.After school when everyone was leave he covered his teacher chair with pins so when he sat down he would jump um hitting the ceiling at the top since the classroom was so small. To finish it off Brett was going to spray water over the teacher and run.

The next day had come and probably the last for Brett. He had gotten everything ready it was just the matter of being there on time to see the whole thing. Since Brett was booted from the team he didn't have to worry about going to training that morning. His mum wasn't that angry because that's what everyone gets in trouble but he was just really unlucky. He arrived at school with a smirk on his face as he entered his class. He played around with his pen until the school bell rung. Mr.Whitehead entered the class not looking at anything but Brett. He started talking about how he was going to get booted out the school and trying to really get on Brett's nerve. He took a seat on his chair rising up in a split second hitting his head on the ceiling. Brett's plan had worked he laughed everyone did. He opened the cap of his bottle and poured it all over his teacher.

He walked out of the classroom and was about to leave school until his principle approached him and said that the reasons they were expelling him weren't right because people had done way worse things. Brett turned back and saw Mr. Whitehead come out of his classroom drenched. He didn't care that they were giving him another chance he ran as fast as he could back home and said to himself that he was never going back there again.

Image result for black cupcakesLITTLE RED RIDING HOOD

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called little red riding hood she was a really unhappy and moody little girl. She had blond hair like the sun and blue eyes like the sea.                 
She did not want to be part of anything or anyone at her house

On the other hand, her happy bubbly mum would always try to get her out of the house and go see her grammar.

But no little red riding hood was not taking a bar of it she screamed at her mum and slammed the wooden door right in her face.

The little red riding hood went off to bed.
she wakes up and starts to panic thinking of all the things she just saw in her dream she keeps telling herself it's just a dream go back to sleep it’s a dream 
So she lays back down on her white fluffy pillow.

But then she sees it all again this time she can not snap out of it.
Seeing thing like her world dying around her because she was never out of her room.

She wakes up drenched from head to toe with sweat, she runs down the stairs leaving a trail of sweat drops behind her she grabs her black nightgown and starts to run for the big wooden door.
Image result for Little Red Riding HoodHer mum says “Where are you going, love?”   
“To grandmas house” 
 “Take some of these black forest cupcakes to your very very sick grandma” “ it will make her get better” 

Ok then see you mum but what little red riding hood did not know is that her mum turned evil on all of them because she was sick to death of looking after little red riding hood and looking after her sick grandma

So the mum was up early making some cupcakes when she had an idea to put poison in the cupcakes and in minutes anyone that ate the cupcake was dead.

So off went little red riding hood to her granny's place half way along her stomach starts to turn and rumble sending messages to her brain I'm hungry I'm hungry
Ding a naughty thought just went off in her brain cupcake I am sure
 that granny will not mind if I eat one of these black forest cupcakes
As she reached for her black Santen Brecht she pulls out a cupcake and puts it up to her mouth bang out of nowhere a wolf pushes her to the ground and takes the black forest cupcake out of her hand before she could take a bit then the wolf laughs at her and takes a bite little red riding hood was not finding it amusing and got up. But then the wolf starts to fall and lay on the ground for a while little red riding hood just was looking at him  then she rilles he is dead she pick the cupcake up off the ground and looks at it poof it disintegrated in her hand she realise what happened and though all that cupcakes at the tree and run when seeing was runny she took a glass be hidden her and saw all the tree were gone 

Finally, she reached her granny's place and told her what her mum did so the granny called the hates men and he came rushing through the door and said what has happened.

Then the granny explained what had happened so the huts man quickly ran back through the dead forest to go and see Little red riding hood’s mum. 

As the huntsmen men reach the house where Little red riding hoods mum was sitting there in the dark shadowy corner laughing every. 
The huntsman approaches the dark corner and says 
     “Come with me we have things to sort out”

The mum crawls out of the corner and say ok 
Image result for Little Red Riding Hood“ Come join me we will have some of these yummy black forest cupcakes I made this morning for my sick mother”

But what the mum did not know is that the huntsmen men knew that the cupcakes had poison in them.
They go and sit down the mum bring the cupcakes out and give one to him 
The huntsmen men stood up and rubbed it in her face 

Before you could say a word the mum was disintegrating into thin ear and was ash on the ground 

When the huntsman got back to the cottage where little red riding hoods grandma lived he told her what had happened and said go pack your things you are now living with your grandma.


Fairy tale gone wrong

Fairy tale gone wrong

One stormy night there were two actors named Hansel and Gretel, they were the greatest actors of all of Brooklyn. No one had ever thought of them becoming actors (because they were really bad at acting), but the people of Brooklyn still believed in them. Gretel was a gorgeous girl she had blond long hair that was always in pigtails and looked childish, she wore a plaid dress with a plaid cardigan over her dress. Everyone thought that she had skin problems because she had freckles all over her face that looked like tiny pimples. Hansel was similar, but only slightly weirder/crazier. (everything he wore was colourful and he always wore a silly beenie) They always had a smile across theres face.

“AND CUT!” Shouted the director. Hansel and Gretel were really excited that the last scene of their new movie, DANANANANANANANA BATMAN! was finally done. They went to the pub named G’DAY MATE! to celebrate their accomplishment.
“CHEERS!” everyone shouted as they clinked their glasses together making quite a mess.
With a huge gulp they all started to celebrate HARDCORE! They started with their first 10 shots! It was quite delicious. As they had a couple more shots. They were going completely insane, they started destroying the whole pub, and the pub manager was not having it. So they were kicked out immediately, and was never allowed back in again. They decided to venture out into the abandoned parking lot where they met a strange fat, old man.
“WASSUP OLD MAN!” Shouted Hansel as he drunkenly walked over to a man in a red suit.

Image result for santa red suit

Gretel loudly burped in the background, obviously wasted. The man was really shocked that Hansel was acting like an IDIOT! They were good kids and did not mean any harm, but right know they were being disgusting and unpleasant. The man was getting ready for Christmas and getting presents for the cute sweet kids. But could not help but… PUNCH HANSEL IN THE FACE!
“YOU ARE A NAUGHTY KID HANSEL!” Shouted the man.
“YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO ME!” The man was obviously ticked off with him.
The old man was very ugly and nasty. Gretel finally knew who he was, he was wearing a red suit, had a red car and had a truckload of presents. He was Santa! Hansel was so drunk that he fainted on the spot! Gretel could not believe her eyes either. But she soon was scared of him because he reached into his bag of toys and pulled out… A CHAINSAW! Gretel picked up Hansel and ran off into the woods as fast as she could until she heard him say.
Gretel. Scared out of her MIND! Now looked at her new surroundings and knew.
She was completely lost.
She kept walking wondering what directions to take. Soon enough her brother woke  up.
“UGHHHHH. What happened?” He mumbled.
Hansel rubbed his eyes feeling a headache coming on.
‘Why are we in the woods?” He mumbled.
Gretel stared at him for a second, and hugged him so hard he started choking.
“CAN’T...BREATHE” He said with small breaths.
“Oops sorry” Gretel replied, putting him down.
Gretel stood up and took out her phone and reached out to the sky.
“Ughh, no reception!” Gretel started to walk into one direction while Hansel struggled to keep up.
“SLOW DOWN GRETEL” Shouted Hansel stumbling along a path towards his sister.
“Shut up!” Shouted Gretel, looking back at her brother.
While Hansel was shouting at Gretel, Gretel looked away and suddenly shouted at her brother.
“What why?” Hansel replied.
“SHUT IT!” Gretel yelled again.
This time Hansel didn’t argue.
Gretel listened carefully and heard a rustle in the bushes.
“It’s coming  from that bush over there” Gretel said pointing towards a bunch of bushes.
They both slowly walked over towards the bush.
“Wait” Said Gretel.
Hansel listened. They both stared at the bush then all of a sudden… A COYOTE JUMPED OUT OF THE BUSH AND STARTED TO CHASE THEM!
‘RUNNNNN” Shouted Hansel while turning around and grabbing Gretel by the hand dragging her towards a big tree. “Hurry up and climb up.” As Hansel pushes Gretel’s butt up the tree. “Now move over so I can fit.” Said Hansel as he shoved his brother out of the way. They both sat quietly as they watched the coyote run past them. “SHHH I think it’s gone” said Gretel
“Yeah I think you’re right” Replied Hansel.
“AHHH AHHH AHHHHHHH” Shouted Hansel as he fell out of the tree and flopped onto the dirty floor.
“You had to fall out now just when the coyote was leaving, you idiot!” Gretel shouted I “DIDN’T PLAN IT!” Hansel shouted back as he heard more rustling in the bushes.
When Gretel stared beyond the bushes. She saw the same coyote turning around and running in their direction.
Gretel jumped out of the tree, picked up Hansel and started to run away from the coyote. After running for what seemed like forever, they reached a massive house with golden bricks for walls, and chocolate fountains. Gretel thought they had lost the coyote, because it was not following them anymore. She also had a feeling that it knew something that they did not.

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 12.20.26 PM.png
Hansel and Gretel could not believe what they were looking at. It was so beautiful. And it was a mansion. One of the biggest mansions they had ever seen.
“OMG! What is this place?” Asked Gretel.
“I don’t know, but I want to have a little look around inside” Replied Hansel.
Before Gretel could stop Hansel he ran around the front lawn licking up all the chocolate from the chocolate fountains, and trying to break a piece of the golden brick walls. Gretel walked past her annoying brother and found herself walking right inside the massive mansion ignoring all the WARNING, KEEP OUT signs. Gretel could not believe what she was seeing, she was looking at the most beautiful house she had ever seen. The walls were filled with beautiful paintings made out of candy and whipped cream.
Gretel shot her head behind her to look around, and she spotted her brother, standing there amazed.
“You idiot you scared me!” Said Gretel as she pushed Hansel.
“Hey! I was just looking around, you scared yourself!” He replied.
“Did NOT!”
“Did TOO!”
“Did NOT!”
“Did TOO!”
“Did NOT!”
“Did TOO!”
“Why hello children”
Hansel and Gretel both slowly moved their heads towards a beautiful british lady. She had blue eyes that reminded Gretel of their mother’s, she was wearing her hair in a tight bun with strands of hair sticking out, she was also wearing a little top hat with a skirt and a blue jacket over her t-shirt that said Go England! Gretel stepped back remembering her mother’s saying STRANGER DANGER! Hansel just stood there, shocked.
“Why hello children” The woman said again.
“My name is Agatha, and you are?”
“Ha...Ha...Hansel, a...and, th...this,,, sis...sis..sister, G...G...Gretel” Stumbled Hansel.
“I see you have found my house, if you want you can come inside my kitchen and help me bake some cupcakes. They are my specialty.”
Hansel and Gretel both followed the lady into the kitchen, but as she closed the door she grabbed Hansel and chucked him in a cage. While Gretel was shocked by the lady's actions, the lady had already attached a ball and chain to Gretel’s leg making it hard for her to move.
“What!?” replied Gretel.
Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 12.27.47 PM.png

After trying for hours to plump up Hansel (the witch thought he needed to get a bit more fatter) Gretel had an idea. She thought it was reckless but decided to do it anyway. So she put her plan into motion. While the witch was busy checking the stove for the temperature, Gretel grabbed the keys from the witches pocket and pushed her into the stove locking the door before the witch had time to react. After checking that the witch was dead she unlocked her brothers cadge and they both ran out screaming hoping someone would hear them and help them, but sadly someone did.
“AAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Screamed Hansel and Gretel as they ran from a crazy old fat man with a chainsaw.

The End

The story of 3 peeps that recreated Tangled

In a close nearby city, there lived a happy family having the time of their lives, spending time with their newborn baby, her name is Camille. With her still growing hair, she became more and more gorgeous. But she would always cry every time if she doesn't get what she wants, but she knew that staying with her family was most important than anything else. Camille had said her first word which was Lizard. Later on, the family was going out to have their own family time without distractions.                                                 

Before that happened Evil Mana took away Camille from her parent’s because she wanted her hair to survive her death, but the time that Evil Mana took Camille was set placed in the forest while Camille was having her lunch with her family. Camille had got hurt and her parents went to get help, but as soon as they came back little Camille was gone.

A couple years later Camille was grown up and was living with Evil Mana but what Camille didn't know at all that she was a bad lady. One night Camille and her pet lizard Jodie packed their things and tried to escape but Mana had woken up because of the sounds and grabbed Camille and Jodie the lizard back and locked the windows. Mana had swallowed the key so that Camille and Jodie couldn't leave.

Image result for Tangled
Evil Mana didn't know that Jodie the lizard was a small tiny reptile that could go under small hidden things and could change colour to the spots that Jodie hides in. Just before Jodie went looking for small places to escape Camille had realized that there was a small tunnel behind the tall mirror,so then Camille waited until the next day for her Evil stepmother Mana to leave the house to go look for food, so thatś when Camille and her pet Reptile got ready and started to move the mirror so they could escape.Image result for Tangled evil lady
Just then as they were going to escape they had a problem they didn't know where to go because they never been in one but then Jodie had an idea and she could smell her way out once they had found their way out to freedom they ran off somewhere else far away never to see Evil Stepmother Mana again.Just as Camille and Jodie were running Camille ran right into a prince called Evan and he asked what was wrong Camille said that ¨ I was playing hide N seek¨ but it wasn’t true she told him a lie so wouldn’t think that Camille was lying to him.Image result for Tangled

As Evan and Camille also her lizard Jodie were walking and talking for a while both of them asked how everything is going and both their replies were good How you going and what are your plans for tonight.When Camille answered she had said nothing so then Evan asked if she would like to go out for dinner and what was her answer YES, Evan told Camille what time to pick her up from her place but Camille changed the place to pick her up back in the same place as where they ran into each other.

Later on, tonight when Evan came to pick Camille and Jodie up for the dinner Evan saw Camille wearing a beautiful blue dress with sparkles all over it and sparked up Evans' eyes but what Evan was wearing was a black tuxedo with a white tie they were both so beautiful and stylish.This was one of Camille's best first date she had gone on.

Camille never remembered anything about Evil Mana and cared nothing about her anymore and was now on a journey looking for her real parents which was back in the castle and lived happily with Evan because Evan was her true love and everything was looking great for them which in mind Jodie was also still part of Camille's life as her very own friend and that was Camille's Journey with Jodie.Image result for Tangled

The Three Big Fat Pigs by Robbie,Mason and

Once upon a time, there was three pig’s named Jeff, Bob and Doug they were round pink and fat. They lived out in the country in a small cottage with their Mum and Dad. They loved baking cakes with their Mum because they got to eat one huge cake each every single day.

One day their parents told them that they were getting too big to live in their small cottage (Literary they couldn’t even fit through the doors). Doug said, “ But we can’t go because who will feed us chocolate cake”. “You are too big to live in our cottage and you three are old enough to care for your selfs” Yelled Mama Pig. So Papa Pig gets a chainsaw so that he can saw down the door so that the Three Big Fat Pigs can leave the cottage. The Three Big Fat Pigs called the Fat Taxi (it is for people that can't fit in normal taxis). They Arrived at the big capital city and Doug started asking every person he saw “where to find a house” they all replied Big Wolf CO there were posters all over the city.
Jeff walked off because he could smell sweet chicken pie, Bob tried to stop him till he was mesmerized by the smell and soon after Doug followed.
Image result for three fat pigs cartoon

They had just eaten their chicken pies and they saw a huge building in front of them called Big Wolf co. Bob said, “come on this is how we're going to find a house.” They walked into the huge building trying to look for The Wolf. They walked up to the receptionist and asked: “Where is The Wolf” “You're talking about Mr. Big Bad Wolf ok top floor” whispered the receptionist. So they fat trio walked to the elevator and they tried to squeeze into the elevator with the janitor inside. The ride was long and painful because the elevator was too small for the three fat pigs and the janitor. The elevator finally opened at the top floor and came out was three fat pigs rolling onto the floor and smashed into the Big Wolf’s office. The Wolf was busy smoking a cigar talking to his accountant. The Pigs oinked at The Wolf, The Wolf Screamed “MMMUUUMMMYYY”. The Three Pigs Yelled out a cross. the long office “We need three big big big houses, do you got that Mr. Wolf”.
“Come here and I will get the contract for your house’s sorted” Yelled The Wolf The Three Fat Pigs
So the wolf and the three fat pigs got the contract but it took nearly 4 hours because the two of the pigs didn’t  go to school so they didn’t know how to write their names so they scribbled with chocolate biscuits. The Wolf stared at them saying “here are your keys and this is the address of your house’s, they are all next to each other. Good day oh and goodbye!!!”. The Three Big Fat Pigs decided to go straight to their house without the keys so they had to come back to the Wolf CO building squeeze inside the elevator and get  the keys and then go all the way back to the house, to be honest with
you they stop off at about fifty seven bakery’s for a big snack of four pies, Two milkshakes and seven chicken wings each. They finally got to there small little house’s all lined up with each other they were neighbors and brothers at the same time.

A couple of months later they had moved in with a tv a couch and every other room full of food so they lived a lazy life. Until they went outside to get more food to eat then they saw that most of the house around their street where being knocked down. They saw the owners of the houses walking off with lots of money in their hands, Then out of know where The Wolf popped up in front of them and said “hows your house going, by the way, we need to destroy it to make a huge pork chops factory so if you would like you can leave with one billion dollars or become the next big family meal”. “Neither,” said Bob “we want to stay in our house’s we have a great life eating food watching tv”.  “Well in that case…Bye has a nice day”. The Pigs look at one another and went back inside Bob's house and they planned to get food without the wolf knowing (they thought that The Wolf had a problem with them eating food). So that night that snuck out and got into a taxi called Wolf’s Taxi. They went to the supermarket then got 5 of every item and ran home with stacks of food hoping that the wolf wouldn't notice. In the morning they had eaten all the food they had brought celebrating that they got food without the wolf knowing. They heard big rumbling sounds they looked out the window to see the wolf in a wrecking ball and saying “I will laugh and coff and nock your house’s down”. “Not on the food in out tummy tum tum” Yelled The Three Big Fat Pigs. They wolf started to count down from one hundred. Bob said, “To the roof, there is only one thing we can do”. They went to the roof and held hands and jumped off of the roof onto the wolf and the wrecking ball. “BBBAAANNNGGG!!!”went The Pigs. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” screamed The Wolf. The Pigs had pulled the wolfs rail off and he ran off screaming mummy but the wolf had dropped the deed to Wolf co. The Pigs took it and then changed it to Pig CO owner of all. The lived happily ever after.

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Mr Munro narrative

It was just the 3 of us in squad ,Bruce,lawrence and I were all very close and liked to think that we were the popular ones but I can say were well away from being the “cool kids”.I wouldn’t pick anything over them they were my life, but when I did and things go bad I have to somehow gain their trust again.
It was monday morning .Just your average day at school ,until we got told we were changing seats,I hated the fact that I wasn’t gonna be with the boys,Our teacher mr Whitehead called out our names and we sat at our new seats.Everybody hated Mr white head, he was loud obnoxious and the worst teacher ever, he liked to think that he knew everything and loved calling me a brat.

Now it was 9:15 and I was already dreading this day, Bruce and Lawrence were lucky enough to be together and I was stuck in the middle near one of the worst people ever.Austin, he was the popular one, the one that got everything he wanted he was a spoiled brat.
Lunch time had just started and me and the group sat down in our little corner, it was just us all until Austin arrived.
“What do you want” lawrance asked
“You want to be popular, don’t you” replied Austin.
“Nah” said Bruce but I insisted that we listened.
Austin said “the only way can become popular is if you get girl friends”
He stood up and walked away,I was so keen on becoming popular that I followed him, leaving my mates behind.I slowly made my way over to this girl called Angie, We knew nothing about each other but she was very pretty.
“ hey angie do you wanna go out” I asked
“Yeah” replied Angie.
But this was soon gonna turn out to the worst decision I have ever made.
Later on after school we went to the park to hang out, we talked and talked about our lives and our friends, time was flying by and soon it was 5:00 pm.We said our goodbye’s to each other,but as I was walking away someone came up behind me and knocked me out.
My head was spinning and I woke up but I didn’t know where I was.the stairs were creaking and I saw someone shadow walking down the stairs.
“Had  a nice sleep” Angie said.
“Why am I here” I asked
“This is a part of Austin's plans, he asked me to help destroy you” she replied, as she walked back up the stairs.
It was just me in this cage, all alone with nowhere to go, regretting my decisions I wished I had a way to tell Bruce and Lawrence what has happened to me.They would be wondering why I wouldn’t be answering their texts.
It was friday morning, Bruce and Lawrence were at school.
“Where is Brett” Bruce asked
“Have no clue, haven’t seen him since lunch yesterday” replied Lawrence.
Suddenly they see Angie and Austin talking to each other.They questioned it all day until it was home time when they decided to follow Angie home.
I had been stuck here for almost 24 hrs bored to death.There was a creak on the stairs,I stood up to realise It wasn’t Angie it was bruce and lawrence.Jumping up and down with excitement they grabbed the key and freed me from the cage.
My time of popularity was over but I was glad to be back with the people I knew had my back.