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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Journal Prompt No.7

Empathy : the psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.
Sympathy : harmony of or agreement in feeling, as between persons or on the part of one person with respect to another.

Leslie did show empathy towards Janice, even though she was always mean to everyone. She actually found out a thing or two from talking to her, and she also gained a new 1/2 friend. She did show sympathy because she asked if she was alright and told her not to listen to those mean girls and she helped Janice through the tears.

Journal Prompt No.5

If someone tried to bully me I would try to walk away, but if they kept bullying me I would go tell a teacher. I would say “ stop, I don’t like it” or “ Please leave me alone, I don’t like that you are being mean to me “. But if I saw a friend being bullied I would tell them to leave my friend alone because I don’t like it, and I would try to pull my friend away from the bully.

Journal Prompt No.1

Our New Neighbors

Today was a good day. No school, no homework and most of all nothing to ruin my weekend. This morning I woke up, had a shower, put on my loose, lazy clothes and slumped down on the couch. Everything was silent until I heard a " beep, beep, beep, beep ".......noise, I sighed, walked out the door and onto my front yard. Next door had a BIG truck parked in front of it and a navy blue Jeep in the driveway. In front of the house had a sign that said SOLD.
I walked down the pathway and headed next door and over to the person who was rummaging through the boot of the Jeep.
" Um, hello. I'm Quinn, are you our new neighbors? " I asked.
" I'm Nevaeh, and yeah, I'm new. I just moved here with my parents from Jamaica. " said a mumbled voice, because she still had her her face in the boot of the Jeep.
" Do you need some help in there, Nevaeh? "
" No, because I just found what I'm looking for. " as she said that she pulled herself and something else out of the boot. She looked at me with a big,cheery smile. " But thanks for the offer, Quinn. "
She stared at a little statue of a little Fairy.
" Now that I've found what I'm looking for, let's have a proper introduction, okay? "
" Okay! "
" Well, I'm Nevaeh, your new Neighbor, "
" and I'm Quinn, your Neighbor. " and we shook hands.
After that she told me she had a big brother named Nick and a baby sister named Sofia, her mums name is Angela and her dad's name is Jim. We became best friends after, I really enjoyed having a new neighbor. Especially one that was a girl. ;P

Sunday, 18 June 2017

How to play hockey

How to play hockey

Image result for field hockeyWhat is hockey, how do you play and what things do you need to to play hockey. If you keep reading my writing you will find out all of these stuff and more. A bit about hockey I it a game that is play on a sand or water based turf. You have lots of fun running around hitting the ball and scoring goals.

Image result for cartoon referee
First if you want to play you have to know the rules there are not that many and you learn very fast. There is a foot rule when you are playing and someone hits the ball into your foot you leave the ball and go back but always play to the whistle. If the ball hits someone's foot in the circle it is a P.C that's when your whole team goes to half way excepted four chosen people they stand and mark the goal with the goalkeeper or you run up and charge the ball. The second rule is your stick height if you are next to other players and you swing at the ball you could accidently hit someone in the mouth and smash all their teeth out you don’t want to do this because you will get sent off the field and may injure a player around you. Third rules is don’t raise the ball the ball is like a rock amgin that being smashed into your gut. It happens but don’t try to do it.

In hockey you need equipment to play. You need a hockey stick for hitting the ball trapping the ball and defending. The second thing is a mouth guard for protecting your teeth and keeping you safe. The third thing is closed in shoes you need closed shoes because if the ball does hit your feet it won’t hurt as much and you just should have shoes for every sport. The fourth thing is shin guards for protecting your shins. Something that you need as well long socks, ball and a water bottle.

Image result for field hockey positions cartoon 
In hockey there are lots of positions there are goalkeeper, backs, midfield and forwards. In our team there are three backs and a goalkeeper those names are left back, right back and centre back. In the midfield there are left mid, right mid, centre mid and the wings. In the forwards there are right forward, left forward and centre forward. By having all of this you should be fine if all your backs are new you could have four at the back instead of having three at the front.

So now you have read my piece of writing and thinking hockey is so much better than the sport you’re playing why don't you give hockey a try because they are not that rules, you don't need that much equipment and there is heaps of fun positions to play. So now it's what you think.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Image result for netball black and whiteNetball is great and is a fun way to keep fit and to have lots of fun with your friends. Netball can help you with many things and it can help you learn new skills and moves every time you play a game or you practice.

Image result for netball hoopFirstly, when you are playing netball you will always need to start with the ball in the centre of the court so there will be a little circle in the middle of the court and that is were the ball will start. when you are wanting to shoot you will always need the ball in the shooting circle so that the GA or GS can put the ball in the hoop.

Image result for netball ballSecondly, when you play a netball game you always need 7 players to be on the court at all times, the games is made out of 4 10 minuet quarters. You need to figure out what position you want to play if it is shooter and you don't want to do so much running I would go for goal shoot (GS) and if you want to do more running I would go for goal attack (GA). If you are more a mid court player I would say go for centre (C) or wing attack (WA) and then if you are a defender you would either go for wing defence (WD) or you would go for goal defence (GD) or for goal keep (GK).
Image result for netball court

Thirdly, you are probably wondering were can my position go up to well lets start with (C) the centre can go any were apart from the two goal cilcles where the (GS) and the (GK) are standing. The (GS) and the (GK) can only go up the the line were the (WA, WD, GA and GD) are standing. If you are a (GA) (GD) (WA) or a (WD) then they can only go into the goal third and the centre third but the (GA) and the (GD)can go into the shooting circle to help the (GS) out with the shooting.

Image result for netball shoes

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Image result for volleyball                  Volleyball

Volleyball is a really fun game to play and really easy too. All you need to do is get a net and a volley ball and you are ready too start.

First you to get your teams that you want to be in, there are two teams. Then when you have your teams you can pick your colour that you want to be then once you have your teams you are ready to start.

Image result for volleyballNow you go on each sides and serve the ball but if the ball touches the net the other team will get the point . Then when the ball comes to you you get both of your hands and push it up over the net to the other team and if they drop the ball then you get the point.

When you start to get the hang of it you will become really good at volley ball and it will become your new favorite game to play at lunch time, sports time, or in your own time at home but you will need to get your friends to come around and play with you.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Chapter 7 Journal Prompt

Empathy means the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. That is exactly what Leslie and Janice avery did. Janice had shared her feelings about her dad beating her up every day. And when she told everyone they all started laughing at her. Leslie then said I told everyone that I didn’t have a T.V,  everyone started laughing at me. Sympathy means feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else's misfortune. Which none of them showed.

Thursday, 1 June 2017



Image result for monopolyMonopoly has many different factors that are fun. It takes long to finish but that good on rainy days and when you just want to play a fun board game. If you and your family don’t have a monopoly game you should definitely get one today and play a game. There are lots of cool thing that goes on in the game of monopoly like going to jail, getting free parking and buying lots of properties and you could also put house or hotels on it.      

You should play monopoly because it is super fun and a good board game. It is a good family board game because you can spend time with your family. It would be a good time to bond with you family when play monopoly. There are many different types of monopoly such as the original, monopoly empire and much more. You can even get competitive with your family like saying i’m going to win. When you start playing with your family it takes a little while to finish the whole game because you stop when someone goes broke or you give up.

How to play monopoly, in monopoly there are not that much rules some of the basic ones are you have to go to jail if you land on it, have to pay tax and have to have the right amount of money to buy that thing.  Each player will pick a Pisces to play with for the rest of the game. When you have decided who is going to start you roll the two dice and move forward as much times as the number on the dice. On the first lap around the board you can’t buy anything, but you can collect the chance and community chest. Once you pass go you collect 200k and then the next round you can buy thing. When you land on properties and you have enough money to buy that property you say to the banker I would like to buy that, then you give them the money and they give you the property card and you keep playing. When someone lands on that property you have to say to them that’s my property and they have to pay you. Each property ranges greatly  in prices.                              

Some of the good things in monopoly are sending people to jail, free parking, take a chance, community chest, passing go and much more. There is a square on the board that says go to jail that means when you land on that you have to go to jail if anyone lands on you property they don’t have to pay you because you’re in jail. Free parking is another square on the board that says free parking all they money that people land on taxes goes into the middle of the board and when someone lands on free parking they get all that money in the middle. Take a chance and community chest are kid of the same thing when you land on either of them you get to pick up a card that's say you won a get out of jail free card or you won a million dollars. When you pass go you get 200k each time you pass.         

Now that you know all the fun you could have playing monopoly with your family and friends why don’t you give it a try, because it’s great family bonding time, it’s fun and it has lots of cool features.

WRITING - Connect 4 is My Board Game :)