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Monday, 23 October 2017

My Holidays

During the holidays it was crazy, fun, exciting, and enjoyable. I had lots of exciting moments. On the first week of the holidays, I stayed at my aunt's place. We went to multiple beaches and water holes. We jumped off bridges, wharf's, and cliffs. We stayed there until the afternoon.we played around in the park and had lunch there. During the night my uncle and aunt had driven all the way to Auckland city every night as I stayed over. We went to Mission Bay to have a play around and have a swim in the sea and in the water fountain.we had pizza late at night, at Auckland city. And we would always do training at night in the park. Everyone would walk past us, thinking that we're weird. But I like that because of we still kids, and its unique.

On Saturday I had to go home to pack because my aunt and uncle had explained to us that we were all going to visit our Nan and papa in Tauranga. As we were on our way we made stops to have a stretch, eat, and play around. We stopped at Paeroa and all of us took a photo in front of the L&P bottle stand. As soon as we arrived we drove to the marine and started jumping off the wharf, everyone fishing was getting really mad at us because they thought we were scaring off the fish. But really there was no fish. As soon as my cousin had started to jump, there was a big stingray swimming in the water.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

My Holidays


Image result for catsThe first couple of days of the school holidays I was just chilling out watching netflix. Wednesday afternoon Zac rang up asking if he want to have a sleep over. That night I packed my bag and went over. When I got there he was playing on the PS4 playing Destiny 2. We played Destiny for a little bit and then dinner was ready and calling for us. We had homemade burgers they were delicious. The next morning I woke up to their cat meowing and head butting the door. It was so annoying because I couldn’t get back to bed.
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I was at hatch hockey for the 2 week which is the A team for u 13 counties hockey 2017. It was such a great experience for me because this is my 2 year of hockey. I learnt a lot because there were heaps of experienced players in the team. The first day which was Sunday we had to do a pervaded with all the other teams. The 2nd day we had a game against Tan Range and we lost 3-1. The next day after we did hot and cold which means you take a cold shower and then jump into a heated pool. We stayed at King's college for the week it was so good. The 3rd night we went to this awesome buffa and I just filled my stomach up I felt like I was going to throw up. The 2nd to last day we were playing to play for 9th and 10th it was a hard game but we pulled through agents Waikato. After our coach had to ow us a frozen cokes. The last day was the best and most tiring day we had to pack up at 7:30am and we had our 9th and 10th game at 9:30am against Northland. Before the game our coach poured cold water on us to be woken up because we looked tired. The first half was so intense until Adam scored. That's when the whole crowed went crazy. The next half was even more crazy because we had to hold the lead. When the whistle blow our supporters went crazy as us. After the prize giving we had to go home and say bye to the team.

Holiday writing task

In the holidays I went to the Breakers training basket ball training program that went for five hours and three days. At the training program you learn different skills and stuff that you haven't learn't before. We got tee-shirt that says "Junior Breakers" on it and we got to keep it.

In the holidays I also went to Mount Maunganui. We went for a swim at the hotel and walked up and around the Mount. We went for a swim at least two times a day. Walking around the Mount was a lot easier than walking up the Mount because I find it harder on my legs.

In the holidays I also went to drama. In my drama lessons we did a play that was about,  someone orders someone to kill someone. There was a mystery of who ordered the person to kill .The person that order to kill was my dads partner and my dad.

In the holidays my dad got a text from my uncle asking if me and my dad would like to go to the Breakers basketball game for free. My uncle gets free tickets because he does adverts for yellow pages. So he gave us free tickets to go to the basketball game at 7:30 at vector arena.

The Holidays
Image result for silverdale adventure parkImage result for silverdale adventure parkIn the holidays I didn’t really do that much, I didn’t go to my bach, do lots of fun things or even go see a movie. But it wasn’t all bad because my brother and I had our friends over from Howick for a sleepover, on the way back from picking them up my brother and his friend went on a mountain bike trail at Totara park and while they were doing that my friend and I went to The Gardens School and played some basketball and soccer. Once we’d finished playing we went back to Totara park and picked up my brother and his friend and started making our way home, and once we had got home we just chilled and played some PS4 and hung out. The next day all of our household had to get up early and we had to go out to Silverdale, which is just past snow planet, because there is an adventure park there with lots of activities to do like: a luge (That’s actually pretty decent), a vertical bungy, a tube slide, spaceship simulator, 7D cinema and a little bit off to the side for really little kids and that was about it.

In the last week off the school holidays, on Wednesday, I was going over to my friends house for a sleepover but then the day before my mum got a text that I would only be able to go over for the day because the next morning he was having to get braces so I just went over to his house for the day and chilled out for the day at his house.

My Holidays

At the start of my holidays, I went down to a dog show in Manukau. It was really fun and I enjoyed the whole thing and as well seeing my mom's dream dog (Leonberger). They were all different dogs there like Gun dogs-Hungarian Vizsla, Bloodhound, Doberman etc, there were other groups called Terrier group, Hound group, Toy group, Utility group, Working group and Non-Sporting Group. The downside about the dog show was that it was pretty boring at some arts were the dogs just kept running around in a circle over and over again until the judge could make a decision but overall I really enjoyed it.

On Monday of the second week of the holidays, I finally had the chance to catch up with my old friend called Emma-Lee because she moved to Napier. Leah and I went to the mall to meet Emma-Lee there and then we went to the movies. At the movies Emma-lee and I decided we wanted to get a jumbo popcorn but it was the wrong thing to chose it was so big and we had no idea if we could eat it all turned out we could not and the rest of it ended up in the trash and it was 10 dollars what a rip off. After that, we went around and started to shop mainly at the dollar store because we weren't the richest of people at that time and ended up getting lots of slimes.

For Wednesday and Thursday, I went over to Leah’s for her first ever sleepover, we practiced dances and had a lot of fun staying up to 1:00am in the morning. We had the sleepover with some of her cousins at first I thought they were going to be really annoying but they were the complete opposite, they were entertaining and would do anything you said which made it even better.  

On the last 2 days of my holidays, I went to Taupo for my brother's soccer tournament and it was extremely fun. There was a bouncy pillow and I loved going but not when Matthew pushes me off. It was extremely fun in Taupo we saw all the snow on top of the mountains and I have always had a dream to touch snow but sadly I still haven't. Overall Callum's Football team came second in the under-seventeens and we are all very proud.

Highlight of my holiday

Highlights of my holiday!!!
Image result for waitomo cavesOn thursday the 12th of October I went to the Waitomo caves to see the glow worms and they amazing to see, there were so many colours and they had string webs that hung down from the ceiling of the cave. We also did another cave called the Aranui cave where limestone rock have been created in the water by the crushed up shellfish shells. The limestone rock had been forming for hundreds of years even to make one little speck of it. It was such an amazing sight heaps of limestone that was made over hundreds of years seeing them in person it was a really cool experience especially how the limestone was made out of hundreds and thousands of them.

On friday the 13th of October I went to Candyland and I got heaps of candy for me and my family to eat I got sour worms, candy sticks, blackberry bats and candy men. When I went to the the checkout I saw the letter ‘B’ on a necklace and then I showed it to my grandma and she said “I guess you can have it” so we got it for ten dollars, it said buy one get one free so I got a bracelet made out of paua shells, which was secretly $20. But sadly Candyland is closing down in January next year so there was only a little bit of candy left in the boxes, so they didn’t bother refilling them up again.

Image result for silverdale adventure parkThe 14th of October I went to the Silverdale Adventure park because I was at my grandmas (who lives in Silverdale) the whole holidays. First I went on the tube slide which was cool but it was a bit slow so I went onto the vertical bungie 100 PERCENT!!, it was so high I went flying way above the poles and it felt like my stomach dropped and I was going to fly off the cord it was so high. When I was done I went on the zip line and it was where you lay down and go down that way it was so cool.

My holidays - Roturua

Highlight for my holiday

In the holidays the first thing I did was going to the beach. We had some food, and ice cream, and my family, and I went to go find some shells for art. After that we decided to go for a swim, and we went boogie boarding, then me, Emma, and the dog went to go find some shell rings, and walked all the way down to the end of the beach, and climbed on the rocks.

On another day we went to Totara park, we walked all the way up to the playground, and had some fun, at Totara park there were lots of people so we hardly went on anything, so we decided to leave to get a ice cream, Emma saw her friend so she asked to stay extra at the park, to talk to him. Me and my Grandma waited in the car for like 1 hour, and Emma would not come back. But afterwards I stole some of her food because she was taking to long and so she is still mad at me.

 The last thing that I did was going to rainbows end for my brothers birthday, I went on basically all the rides but two, my favourite ride was the invader, the worst ride I went on was the power surge, Ella made a lie, and said it was fun and exactly like my favourite ride but when I was on it I felt like I was going to die. Ella also came over her fear, and went on my favourite ride the invader, and know she loves it. Ella, and I also got some cotton candy for our tradition. I also loved going on the log flume because me, and Ella were singing disney songs, and got told off by the controll lady.  

My Writing

My Writing.
  • Highlight of my holiday.

My main highlight of the holidays would have to be after dance rehearsals at Kendall's house.

We went back up the driveway to go get Scarlet and our friend Ceri after Tyler had finished his smoke. When the came out we noticed there were Jonos jacket and phone sitting on the chair, and we cracked up laughing. So we grabbed the stuff and jumped back into James car with Magenta, Ceri and Scarlet.
On the way out, we saw Jono driving back up with Jamie and the boys (Liam, Seth and Jarrod) so that he could go and get his phone, and we laughed while we handed his phone back.

Once we were back in Pukekohe, we headed to the park because Magenta was acting like a Child, saying that she wanted to go and we all agreed.
When we got there, we saw a HUGE slide accompanied by a steep hill which we had to climb up, ugh!

After that were ran up to meet Jono, who had 2 bags of lollies, and the others. A wheel, a huge, metal, purple wheel was sitting there in the other playground. Scarlet, Liam, Seth and I ran over while Jono walked. We climbed on and it started turning.
A few minutes passed and I was horrified, and on the verge of tears when Erica made me do yet another 360 degree turn on the wheel. I was screaming to Jono and my Mum to come and help because I was afraid that if I got off, liam would make the wheel roll, that he would fall on me and hurt himself and me in the process.
When I was finally able to get of, it was time to go and get food. Mum had gotten my sister and I a doughnut each. Then we went to McDonalds and had a good time, Jono shouted the meal and we all had fun conversations. Soon after, it was time to head to rehearsals for our dress rehearsal, which was a blast.

Now it’s time for bed, yay!