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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Narrative Writing

Rob's Furious adventure

Rob couldn’t believe that his worst nightmare would be at the mall. He couldn’t even imagine losing his two daughters the way he did.
It all started when he decided to take Emma & Amy (his two daughters) to the mall for their birthday. He wanted to make it special and since they were twins it was quite difficult for him to figure out the perfect gift for them. He thought to himself “maybe a puppy, nah to much work”. He couldn’t figure out what, But then he had an idea, a car.

The girls really needed a new car, because their car that they had has been breaking down a lot, so he thought that was the perfect gift. He looked at a lot of car shops so he could find the perfect car for them both. He looked really hard and really good at each car but couldn’t find the one that was perfect.He came across the perfect car it was a red Ferrari, he knew it was the perfect car because Their favorite colour was Red. “Excuse me Can I please buy this car?” Said Rob. “yep this car is on sale today so you’re here at the right time”. Said the manager from the car shop. “OK thanks I’ll pick it up tomorrow”. Said Rob. “sure thing” said the manager. The next day Rob Went back to the car shop to pick up the car that he wanted to buy. He got it and went back to his house to surprise his two daughters. He hoped that they were home because they had been at the mall all morning. “Emma, Amy are you guys home” Said Rob. He couldn’t hear anyone and their car wasn’t home either. Suddenly he got a call from one of Emma’s friends. “Hey Mr Williams, you need to come to the mall now it’s an emergency!”. Said Emma’s friend. “What’s going on are my Girls OK?” Said Rob. “There’s no time to talk just come right now”. “OK I’m coming” said Rob frighteningly. He rushed as fast as he could to get to the mall. His Heart was thumping he was so nervous.

He got to the mall so nervous to see what was going on. He walked into the mall and saw Emma’s friend standing there. “Hey what’s going on, what’s the emergency”. Said Rob. “Well I don’t know what happened to Amy and Emma but something happened to them and their setting off to go to the hospital”. Said Emma’s friend. “Oh no what’s gonna happen to them, we need to go right now”. Said Rob. They walked out of the mall to go find Emma and Amy. But as soon as he walked out the door two girls popped out and yelled APRIL FOOLS!!! It was Emma and Amy they set this prank up for a very long time. “Oh my goodness, you guys scared me”. Exclaimed Rob. “Oh and I forgot that your guy's birthday is on April fools. “We Fooled you” Said Amy. As they giggled to themselves.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Join a club


Do you want to get fit? Well if you join a netball club the you can get fit and if you join a netball club you can get fit, it gets you to improve coordination skills, Boost self-confidence, Reduce stress, Reduce risk of obesity, diabetes, depression and low self esteem.

Do you know if you don’t do any sports and you go home every day after school and just go and sit on the couch eating junk food then you fat and get unhealthy. If you play netball it is a fun way to stay fit and healthy, when you play netball you get team support and you learn to work out with people the same age as you. Did you also know that you burn many calories when you play a netball game because you have to run around and just another little thing when you play netball you are able to improve your coordination skills.

If you play netball then you don’t get bored so easily and you are in a team and you stay out of trouble like getting into all sorts of mischief like people getting high and smoking you also stay out of taking drugs and doing stupid stuff. You also stay out of getting into relationships even when we are not allowed because we are to young.

So what do you say? Do you want to get into mischief and get in trouble? Do you want to take drug and smoke where you can actually keep fit and not get into mischief

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Joining a Basketball Club For The Better!

Have nothing to do on Thursday afternoon’s, Basketball training aet Rosehill is great for starters that want to play Basketball. Dedication and motivation will improve your skills and help you become a better basketball player. This will be better to than just sitting at home being boring, and a way to hang out with your friends. 


Unfit, not healthy, and have nothing to do. Rosehill provides you with Basketball trainings. This is a way to get fitter and you get to socialise with other kids that go there. It gives you're body a workout and to test you're skills with other players. If you love basketball and wanting to be in the big league, join this.

Rosehill is not that far away and a high school you should go to.  The clubs that are at Rosehill are very awesome. Students at Rosehill are liking the trainings that they are hosting there. Some counties kids are training at Rosehill and are getting better there. Dedication is key!

Discipline is where you decide and come to every training no matter what. Having discipline in you're life will help you motivate yourself when you come to trainings. This will not get you into trouble after class time and a club to actually join. Basketball is one of the easy sports to learn and you’ll get right into if you have Discipline.

So what do you say, joining a club for the better than getting into trouble after school. It's not that far away so you can just drive down to rosehill. Also a great high school you should decide to join. What’s in it for the parents, all you guys need to do is to drop off your kid and wait and hour or so on the sideline. It’s that simple

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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Yon should join the chess club
Image result for transparent chess board The chest club is a good opportunity to do something different if you have not played it before. Chess is a good game to learn because it makes you want to think. The opportunities are good because you get to play against your mates on Fridays.

Chess is a friendly and easy game to play. Chess is a good game to play with your friends so you can set it up when you want to. Chess is a really big board game and there is lots of tournaments that are hosted. This is a good fun game to play when you want and you can have a good game and have fun while doing that.

Image result for transparent chess boardStrategy is a thing you can gain while playing chess. With chest you need strategy and with strategy you will be able to get more win against your friends.chess will allow you to think and become better and be able to memories your moves after a while. You will be able to go against harder people once you get the skills and you moves sorted but you need to know what you are doing.

If you are not that good at chess don’t worry. Chess is a hard game at first but is also a good game for collaboration so if you don’t know what to do you can learn from other people. Challenging harder people is a good way to learn because you will can know what they are going to do and stop them. Once you are better you will be able to challenge people because there is no point of trying to challenge someone when you aren't that good.

Image result for chess picturesSo if like game when you can sit down and have fun then you should join the chess club. You will be able to learn what to do get better and gain more strategy in what you do. We do it every Friday when we can and it is a good opportunity to have fun and play with you friends. With the club you are able to play against people that are you level instead of going up against the people that are better than you.

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Why you should join a hockey club

Why you should join a hockey club

Hockey  is one of my favourite sports to play, so I’m here to persuade you to join a hockey club. It really fun to play because you play with your friends and make more friends. If you want to play hockey people say you have to be big and strong, but no you don’t. It all about your hand movements.

If you want to play hockey it’s a game where you run run run. So it would be great for your fitness. Everywhere in the outfield you run even in the  back. There are heaps of ways to get around players, so it good for your hand movements. You can work on all of the skills. Like I said in the first paragraph you don’t have to be big to be good. If you were small it could be better. Because can get through all of the defenders.

So if you would love to join hockey club the best one I think is probably Alfristen. It does cost a lot of money but it is so worth it. It cost $160 or more. I think that it is so worth it because its two terms for $160 or more. That’s what you call a good deal.

You're probably wondering what you need to have when you play hockey if you're in goal or outfield. Well what you need for outfield is hockey shin pads, hockey stick, hockey glove if you would want for predication, and in closed shoes. For a goalkeeper you need heaps of padding but most clubs have it there for you.

That's why you could join a hockey club because you play with all your friends, it’s the best game to play, good for your fitness, increases your hand movements, it’s a long season, they supply the gear for you. That’s why you should join a hockey club.

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