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Friday, 22 September 2017

Liam’s game
“Bang, boom, shoot, the new game is out for a limited time only”! said the television ad.
Liam the only red headed person in his family was so excited to get the new game. His bright blue pants shot up with the rest of his body in excitement. Liam couldn't wait for his new shirt that he pre-ordered when (Volt III) the game came out. Liam went to his Mum and Dads room, and did a huge jump onto their bed with excitement he yelled “MUM, DAD the new game is out Volt III, that I have been saving up for ever since Volt II came out, when can we go to get the game mum”? Liam asked. His mum and dad with there sleepy, drooly mouths said “Liam its 3 o'clock in the morning go back to sleep” said his Mum and Dad angrly.

He knew that he couldn't sleep knowing that the game just came out.
He was counting down the hours from 3:00 o’clock to 9:00 o’clock when they leave. Liam wanted to pass the time, so he went on tubeyou and downloaded heaps of gameplays of his new game. (Volt III)
`(Much time passed)
It was now 8:00 o’clock and liam's alarm went off. The alarm was very loud like a siren from a fire truck, so it also woke his mum and dad up to. The whole family went to the kitchen to watch there morning program and eat their breakfast when the craziest ad on tv came on.
“Bang, boom, shoot only 48 hours until the limited time Volt III is getting canceled better get in quick”.
Image result for breakfast porridgeLiam told his family “this is what I asked for last night we need to get it fast” his family quickly ate there golden crispy oats with there cold milk, and sugar, and was off on their adventure. In the car his mum told him “that it is 7 hours away to get the game so we will stop off at a camp ground about 6 hours away. Sit tight honey”
(Hours pass)
Liam asked his Mum “how much longer i'm hungry and I want to go to the bathroom”? “We are 30 minutes away from the campground, if you tell me how long we have been traveling for, then we will stop at a cafe deal”? said Liam's Mum “We have been traveling for 5 hours and 30 minutes mum” said liam “Correct” said his Dad.
They stopped off at a near by cafe and got a bite to eat, Liam used the bathroom to, there was free wifi in the store and liam downloaded some videos about his new game (Volt III)
Liam, and his family jumped in to the car and went off to their destination, Liam watched some videos to buy some time.
(30 more minutes passed)
They arrived at their destination. It was 5 o’clock when they got there and heaps of Liam’s friends from school were there, they were all there for the same reason that Liam was, to get the game.

Liam and his family went out for dinner that night. At Liam’s favorite restaurant, called StarLone, they had heaps of rib’s there and ate them all up. Liam and his family was walking back to the camp, on foot. While they were walking home they saw a awesome police chase a, criminal on a skateboard , and police on foot. The criminal stole a lady's purse and ran off with it.
Liam and his family got to the camp ground room, safe and sound.
They all put their things on there bed and went to sleep.
Image result for phone alarm“Zzzzzzzzzzz” Loudly snored liams mum.
“Beep, Beep, Beep” went liam's phone, to wake him up.
He first woke up his mum, “mum MUM, MUM IT'S THE MORNING” Roared liam very loudly.
His dad woke up over liam's very loud mouth.
Liam knew that he had to run to the car, because it was a hour drive  and only 4 hours left till they are sold out.
Liam got all of his clothes on, his shoes and bolted for the car on the way to the car liam and his family stopped and just steared at the car. The whole car was up in flames, it was like setting fire to a bush.
Then BOOM! All of liam’s family got flung back from the powerful explosion. Liam and his whole family was guttered, not so much about the car but about the game. Liam’s whole family was rich and didn't really care about car’s but the thing that they did care about was that the game is getting sold out. Liam knew that he couldn't get there in time he laid on the hard muddy ground and cried his tears game out faster than the titanic sunk.

Everyone came out of there little house’s after hearing world war 2 (Liams crying) and yelled what is the problem here?
Image result for tree crushing carLiam’s friends came out and felt sorry for him knowing that he can't get the new best game that he was saving for.
Liam’s best friend Jordan, begged his mum (Sally) if the family can ride in there car to get the game.
Jordan’s mum didn't like Liam because of all the things that he has done in the past “NO WAY” Said Jordans mum.
So Jordan did what he is best for, begging he got on his knees and begged “PLEASE MUM PLEASE I HAVE NO BROTHERS OR SISTERS OR ANYTHING AND I'M TRAPPED HERE IN THE CAR WITH NOTHING TO DO”
Jordan’s mum felt super sorry for Liam. “FINE he can come” Said Jordan’s mum with a sad look on her face.
Sally went to Liam and his family and asked if they wanted a ride to get the game. “Do you need a ride to get the game Liam because we will take you and your family then drop you back off home”
Liam was so excited because he thought that was a great idea
So Jordan and Liam did again what they were made for and begged
“PLEASE O PLEASE MUM PLEASE O PLEASE” Liam’s mum said of course that you so much sally that's really nice of you.

Sally got in the car with Liam’s family and drove off to the shop they both got one game each, and left back home.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

World War lll

World War III

BANG!, POW! Crush. Sam’s watching the buildings falling down from the top of her “AAHHH” people are still in there screaming for their lives the sky went very gray, Sam can see bombs dropping down from the sky airplanes are surrounding Salt Lake city Utah, people are rushing out of there house’s driving out of Salt lake. Sam can see all the people running for their lives some screaming and some crying.

Russians are coming, there scaring everybody. Sams in heaps of shock she has never seen anything like this before, Sam started getting scared her face went red and her eyes started watering, then she ran off screaming. A Lot of the russians are terrorising the city the buildings are shattering again, the windows were falling on the ground smashing their way through the concrete little glass bits were falling onto Sams white feet. Sam had cuts through her feet they stung, like a gun just shot her through the legs.

Sam’s still running from all the people that have terrorised her city Russia has officially taken over Salt lake. The Russians started invading houses, stealing all the flatscreens and wallets that they can find. They are using the houses as bases to hide from New Zealand's troop patrol going around looking for russians invading houses, and people's privacy.

The Russians are starting to head to the white house, try to kidnap Donald Trump… he could do nothing but give up. It was the end of Donald trump, the NZ troops couldn’t save Salt Lake at all. Russia has taken over USA

Thursday, 31 August 2017

The biggest, most horrible thing that has ever happened in world history!

world Destroyer
Time 6 am in the morning waking up through the worst thing ever seeing my world crumbling around me
Everything falling everywhere in my room hearing children screams outside

I was shaking out of my boats sweating from head to toe thinking I am not going to make it.

Image result for earthquakeMy room was falling to pieces and I was trying to get out before I was squashed by my draws.

I grab my jumper and run outside my room I was getting thrown around like a rag doll I still manage too rich for the door I drag myself through the black door and got out side. I was processing what had happened in my mind than a little thought went off
I was in the middle of a shocking earthquake.

I stood up and looked around
My heart stops for a second and I was shocked to see my whole town
 The first thing that came to mind was my up in one of the taste hotels ever.
I run down to their place but I got stopped at the door the policeman he said that they got everyone out there are no more people in the hotel.
I run straight to wounds the crowd of people and start looking for my family.

But no they were not there I asked if there was anyone that saw my family.
Image result for tall hotelBut no, Know one had seen, my family, I was heartbroken I slowly walked back down the old broken street.
Tick tick tick I heard a weird noise coming from behind me I saw the gas station going to explode I run down this alley was and take cover.
I hold my ears then boom I went flying down the alley street even more.
Alex, Alex I here in faint dissents are you ok I look up and wiped the black dust off. My eyes were blurry in dust I could see a shadow that I could remember.

Then a thought comes to mind that is my mum and dad I get up and shake all the dust of me I had to cover my mouth because I was finding it hard to breathe I run up too then I gave them a really big hug and said I missed you.

We quickly run out and started running down the street trying to get away from all of the kos we could not stop running we keep running until we could not see anyone.

We managed to run in till we got to the airport
I was inspired like really running that far was a really good

We saw this man in a trash bin we went up to him and said if he was ok he explained too as he was landing a plane and the earthquake started
He said lots of people died because they were at the back of the plane and it caught on fire but he was at the front so he could get out
He got in the bin because he was scared of what had happened.
I said could he fly as anywhere he said New Zealand let's go I said. my mum said what we can’t just get on a plane and go to NZ
Are mum do you want to stay here and die fine

Image result for l and p statueI get on the old Rusty plane my was pounding and I sweating like anything and I was scared that we were going to die but I did not have a choice if I stand it there would be no food, water, money, house, and we would have to live on the streets
With nothing That would not be fun

We take off and I am nearly wetting myself I was so so scared.
Waking up to the weirds nose it was like someone screaming like they just saw a snake.
I got up and took a pick out side I could see this big drink that said L AND P it was amazing

In the distance I could see the airport and all the planes I was so excited I got all my thing and stood up dying boom and the big rubber tires hit the run way.I fall over but all of my excitement took over everything
The door opened and I was out on NZ dirt my life just got a whole lot better.

The evil twin.

It was the year of 1999. Mr. sampson and his wife mrs. sampson were very happy, as they had just received their new born baby twins. They were filled with so much Joy, when they had noticed that there was something wrong with one of their baby girls. Rushed home, took their stuff and walked away abandoning one of their precious babies behind.

I never knew much about my twin sister, all I knew is that her name was charlotte and that we got separated at birth because there was something wrong with her. It killed me at the fact that I couldn’t see her or know about her, let alone talk to her. Whenever I brought her name up around my parents  they would freak. Why wouldn’t they tell me the truth about her,, or speak of her in anyway. However I was always going to be related to her, and we would always be true sisters by blood. It shock me to say if she were to ever be apart of the family.

I’m Lauren, I am in yr 12 at high school (the baby in the class), I only have 1 ½  years left there, fortunately. I hated that place although I was one of the smartest students. I also dreaded the moment when I was called the cute little pocket rocket just because I was small for my age. I am a very resilient girl, and despite my height, I get things done very easily. My sparkly blue eyes and sandy blonde hair made people jealous of my good looks.  Me and my friends had the best life ever, hanging out every weekend, chatting and partying getting the grove on.I  was so grateful for the life my family and friends had given me, but there was something missing in me. The fact that I didn’t have my sister by my side, to grow up  almost 16 yr with out your soul mate is tough.I know that one day I will have to get over it but it is hard to forget something that important to you.

Just your average saturday morning I woke up to the bright sun shining through my window. Rubbing my eyes, and seeing the clear sky, I knew it would be a fine day ahead of me. I grabbed my bathrobe,  and lazily put it on. I headed for the stairs, taking every step, with no care. Even though walking is easy for most people, it is like a death sentence for me, I have two left feet, and almost everytime fall down the stairs. Sighing I stumbled down the stairs, and hit my head on the floor below.After breakfast I felt more awake and went back upstairs  and pampered  myself for my big day ahead. I rushed down stairs, almost falling over (again), grabbed my car keys and hopped in the car, and excitedly headed off to my favorite place in the world, the mall!

10:30 am and I had finally arrived at the mall ready to do some serious shopping.Shopping was apart of my everyday routine,It was my daily workout lifting huge amounts of bags and filled to the very brim.
A new shop had just opened and I went in to have just a little noisey to see the girl behind the counter looked exactly like me,The first thought rushed to my head saying “she was my twin” but I knew there was little to no chance of being true.however the more I thought about it the more positive I was I to find if it was true,Well I guess it's now left to my parents.I rushed home to tell them but the more I pushed them the more they refused.This conversation wasn’t going anywhere, so I took matters into my own hands.

The next morning I woke up at dawn.Heading to my car the shivers ran down my back it was so cold at this time of morning.When I had arrived at the mall it had just open and ran straight to the shop she worked at right on time as Charlotte had just arrived.Trying not to act to suspicious she walked around acting like she was shopping within 5 minutes she had already picked out some things that she liked and headed up to the counter to realise that charlotte was there.

I put my head down hoping she would notice that we looked alike.Slowly I grabbed my things out from the basket and put it onto the counter,I looked up for the slightest second and we were looking each other eye to eye.I couldn’t stop looking at her it felt like there was a special connection.

“Hello Im Lauren” I told her.
“Hi im charlotte” she replied and I froze in silence.
“What’s wrong” She asked confused.
“Oh nothing, I just once had a twin sister called Charlotte”I replied
“I was once separated from my twin at birth” she said back to me.
How could this be possible I mean we did look alike, has the same background story, and her name was what my parents told me .The more I concentrated on her the more I realized something wasn’t all there with her I couldn’t quite figure out what it what but knowing the person I am I had to get to the bottom of it.I stuck around at the mall until the shops started closing,This was my time I waited till she walked out of the shop and started following her, I didn’t have much or a plan so I was just going along with my actions.

I had followed her all they way to what I think is her house,she walked in the door to someone waiting for her.A window was open upstairs so I climbed up the pipe and jumped in.I sat at the stairs watching and listening to see if I could understand anything.

A box labels bombs,my heart stopped and stomach dropped I didn’t know what someone would want to do with stuff like bombs,I kept watching until I heard her say

“Tomorrow When I get the chance to get rid of my sister and be my parents favourite I WILL” This got me nervous so I jumped out the window and left rushing away in my car.

The next day  I went back to her house and was prepared to follow her again.This time she was going in the direction to my house, the closer she got the more scared I was,when she pulled up at my house, I ran around the back door and told my parents that my psycho sister was out to kill me so she could be the favourite,the rushed out the back door but by the time I was almost about to go out the bomb Had gone off.

I feel to the ground unconscious with a sore head and when I woke up I found that my dad had stopped her from going anywhere,He called the police and they were on the way they grabbed her and off she was to the police station, now we don't have to worry about her but now we have to worry about our destroyed  house.

World war 3

World war 3

The world war 3 began when Kim Jong - un threatened Bill English that he was going to send a bomb through to New Zealand. Bill English wasn’t threatened though because he knew they had a safe protection of New Zealand that nobody was aloud to send anything dangerous through. But little did he know a big storm was rushing through to New Zealand. Just in case Bill English told all the protection people to be prepared because they never know what could happen. The protection people were warned but they were a bit worried for the safety of New Zealand they weren’t to sure if everyone was going to survive.

The day came when Kim Jong - un was going to send the bomb through he sent his army to go and bring in the bomb and the protection people got their army ready so that they were prepared for what was going to hit them. The battle started……… “Set, Pull, Fire” Announced the leader of Kim Jong - un’s army the bomb was released. Boom, bang, boosh! went the bomb, it exploded and it didn’t end up very well. Some of Kim Jong -un’s army even died and none of the NZ Army died they all survived except Kim Jong -un’s army.

Unfortunately They found some of New Zealand’s people dead after the explosion but most of the injured survived. The protection people were relieved that none of the NZ Army were dead but also sad that some of New Zealand’s Citizens were dead.
The Great Korean War
It was an ordinary day in the city of San Andreas, I heard someone calling my name “James ! James !” I turned around in frustration “What !?”, I realised that I needed to get home by 5 - Once I was home, I called my friends Dallas and Johnny for a chat … Neither of us were looking forward to school. School wasn’t as boring as usual because it was a Friday, but just something felt off. I could feel the ground vibrating, each vibration coming about 4 seconds after another - It must have been the nearby San Andreas Airport.

I woke up in at 5AM, My mother was there in front of me “JAMES WAKE UP!”. I could hear sirens, as if there was a tsunami - Helicopters EVERYWHERE. I can hear people in the distance panicking and evacuating from their houses into large cargo helicopters, I ask my mother “what is going on ?” - she paused, looked at me and said “The North Korean army is attacking, everyone over 17 has to fight for our country” she paused again “that includes you son, all army soldiers have to report to the Airport before 7AM prepped for battle”  Turns out that the whole rest of the country had been under attack and going through all out war with North Korea… The American Army has to make their way to New York, which means I have to leave my Mother behind in San Andreas - She will be safe in an underground bunker though with lots of resources with lots of other people to keep her company. So we left at 7:07 in the morning as the last soldier got on the helicopter

In New York, there was smoke everywhere, and there were little flashes of gunfire going on down in the smoke. We had been told by the soldiers in washington that Donald Trump was killed, no one cared, he was the one who caused the problem. We saw a Helicopter get shot down by a rocket launcher, next thing you know - our helicopter is falling to the ground - we had been shot down. The plane was plummeting towards the ground, I thought it was the end… But I survived along with some other soldiers. After a few minutes - a rescue team came to get us, they took us to the curb and gave an injection, I don't know what it was but it made me feel better. We went on to battle, I took out one guy with a grenade and another with my shotgun. We found some survivors in a nearby building and we carried them with us, all of a sudden I hear one gunshot and some cheering following immediatly after it - It was over, we had won the war… We jump on the cargo helicopter and drop soldiers off back home.

We arrived at the community hideout everyone was crying and were reunited with thier families, here I was crying - I couldn’t find my mother. I asked the young woman who was sitting at the reception desk “Is there a Maria Carter here ?”. She looked at me in shock, she looked down - “Maria Carter is dead, she went with a group to collect more food - she got caught under a falling building”. I walked outside and I sobbed, I sobbed for what seemed like years, I had to man up and take it - My mother was dead. Most parts of America were destroyed and had to be repaired, we started again, we rebuilt it. We knew it was going to take a while, but we needed our city back, we needed America back. . .
The world attacks
Image result for destroyed cartoon cityOne day there was a really bad city that kids did not like to live in and they wanted to leave or else they had a bad life. They had a bad life anyway because it was the worst city in the country as it was being attacked. People did not know who was attacking them because it was from many different countries and almost the entire world. Families were getting a lot of food ready for if anything happened because they never knew when there was going to have something happen there was shots now and then, but they didn’t know when they would start war.

Image result for army cartoonThey did not know any thing so they had to start as early as they could and they had to build a hideout for the town that they will be able to stay in while the war is happening because they will have their army but they have to make it nukeproof. It will need to be strong because they could be attacked at anytime and they will not be ready for it but they can't just live there with nothing for days so they need to get food but there will not be enough if they can tell the rest of the city so they had to spend all their money on everyone else but it was for a good cause. They Had to have strong defense since they had a big army on their backs that did not want the city to stand they were being attacked with little armies and then they had more people traveling.
Image result for cartoon eating

Now people started to come in groups they are filling in the space it is a big bunker that have their small little city in the bunker. They start to make everybody feel happy but also make sure that they are being nice to others in the bunker. They thought that was it until more people turned up and then they started to make the room disappear they were running out. There was no more room in the bunker so they had to separate it and have people help out on look out. People were helping until it go later into the week and they started to run out of food as they would be taking food to the soldiers as well. The food was a big deal because they must have had people eating more than what they were supposed to have and they needed to fix it.

Image result for war cartoonThey were working on the food situation until they realised that they had other people with them but miles away trying to kill them and destroy their broken city. They had to make that their number one priority they had to send out the soldiers so that they could attack and most of the group were soldiers trying to hide and keeps safe till they had to go and sacrifice. One by one they left the room to go and attack against the other people hoping to win with the fact that the whole world is on the other side of a little city army. Once they were out there was a lot of room left and who was left had to clean up and be ready for what ever happend because they were not looking for a win but they wanted to try and keep them self safe at least a little. Mothers with there kids were in her on the couches making sure that they were hearing the right things because of what could happen when our soldiers loose, but then there was one that said to every one leave and get out there was a big truck that had many seat taking them to a new town to make sure about the war. There people that wanted to make sure that we had back ups but the driver had started like a bus driver in the morning he had left who ever was not on he needed to get out. The driver was not some random he was one of the only/ best drivers in the city and he controlled all of the roads and lights. They had been told the excellent news on the way to the new town that they

won but they were not turning around they left and carried on.
Image result for cartoon victoryAfter war all of the new and old original had made it home safe but it was a new home and the had not been here for any to the same time so they had been sent to a new city. Now they should be safe for another 3 years until they find out people are living still because it was a big war. The new city is a lot better and has many more places and room for people so there is going to be a lot more people that show up on holiday .