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board game


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The first thing you have to do is take everything out of the box and set it up, then choose how many people you want to play with if it is only two people or if it is four people.

Set up
Place tile face in the centre of the table and mix well. Every player picks one tile. The player with the highest number begins. Play proceeds clockwise. Return tiles to table and mix tile again. Every player then takes 14 tiles and arranges them  on his or her rack into sets of “groups” or “runs”. The remaining tiles on the table are the pool.

A “group” is a is a set of either three or four tiles of the same number but in different colours. For example: black 3, red 3, blue 3, orange 3.
A “run” is a set of three or more consecutive (one after the other) numbers, which are all of the same colour. For example: blue 3, blue 4, blue 5 and blue 6 .
Note: number 1 is always played as the lowest number and may not follow number 13.

Playing the game
Players must place sets, valued at least 30 points ( add up the set numbers), onto the table in the first move. This move is called “initial meld”. If unable to do an initial meld, or player chooses to delay initial meld, a tile must be taken from the pool and this concludes the player’s turn.
During the initial meld sets on the table may not be manipulated or built upon with tiles from player’s rack
Player’s have a time limit of 1 minute per turn. If by the end of 1 minute the player has failed to successfully manipulate tiles on the table, all tilex must be returned to their original position and three tiles must be taken from the pool as a penalty. If there are leftover tiles ( and players do not remember their original positions) they get randomly placed in the pool.

The object of the game
is to be the first player to go “RUMMIKUB” by using all the tiles in “Runs” or “Groups” and by accumulating the highest score. Outwit your opponents with cool strategy and sharp moves. Be the first one to lay down all your tiles and go “RUMMIKUB!” Use the joker with caution… He can fire up the game, but if he is smiling on your rack at the end of a round, you lose 30 points!

Manipulation is the most exciting part of playing “RUMMIKUB”. Players try to table the greatest amount of tiles by rearranging or adding to sets which are already on the table. Sets can be manipulated in many ways (examples follow) as long as at the end of each round only legitimate sets remain and no loose tiles are left over.Image result for rummikub the original xxl jokers

The joker
A joker may not be retrieved before the initial meld. A joker can be retrieved from a set by placing it with a tile of the same numerical value and colour it represents. The tile used to replace the joker can come from the player's rack or from the table. In the case of a group of 3, the joker can be replaced by the tile of either the missing colours.A joker that has been replaced must be used in the player's same turn as part of a new set. A set containing a joker can have tiles added to it, be split apart or have tiles removed from it. The joker  has a penalty value of 30 points if it remains on a rack at the end of the game.

The winner
play continues until a player empties  has all her rack and calls out “Rummikub”.  the other players then add up the point on the racks ( see scoring)  should the pool run out of tiles,  every player  in turn “ play the table”  by placing at least one tail from their racks onto the table until someone finishes. as per players are unable to proceed  further the Game ends.

After player has cleared the rat and called “Rummikub” doesn't add up the values  of the tiles  that are still on their racks.  this score is totalled as a minus ( negative)  amount.  The winner of the round receives a positive score  equal to the total of all the  losers’ points. At  the end of session, each player totals his or her minus and plus  scores to get the total score. the player with the highest score is the overall  winner.
as an aid to checking the total, plus scores should get the total of the minus chords and each round and and that final tally .
In the rare event that although tiles and the pool are used before any  player goes “ Rummikub”,  the player with the lowest count on his or her rack is the winner. a smoother adds up his or her total tile  value and subtract from  it the winners  total. This result is scored as a minus amount.  This total is scored to the winner as a plus amount.

The beginning of  a round of “ Rummikub” may seem slow but as the table builds up, more and more manipulations  are possible. In the early stages of the game it may be a good idea to hold back some tiles for that other players “ open up”  the table and provide more opportunities for manipulations.
sometimes it is useful to hold back the fourth child of a group or a run and they only 3,  so that the next turn one can lay  1 tile instead of  drawing from the pool.
keeping a joker on ones rack may also be a good strategy -  although one risks being caught with the Joker when another player goes “ Rummikub”.

Journal prompt chapter 5

The first thing I would do if I was getting bullied is to tell them to stop, and if they kept on bullying me I would avoid eye contact, and just walk away. And if they kept doing that I would tell someone that would be able to make them stop. I would respond in this way because these are the things that I think would help mostly
If I saw my friend bullying other kids or other kids bullying my friend I would feel angry and sad. I would firstly go over there and tell them to stop and give them reasons to stop and if they don’t listen I would go and  get a teacher or someone older that me and them to come and sort it out.

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Orienteering 2017

The Reremoana school orienteering teams took off to one tree hill ( Cornwall park ) to go and compete at the intermediate schools Auckland champs for 2017. This was the first year that we took all of our teams

 ( Year seven Boys and girls, and the two  year 8 teams ) For some of us this was this was our first time going to an Auckland champs event and for some of us this was the last time we would do orienteering for Reremoana. We left from school at about 10:00, we were all very nervous and had huge butterflies. When we arrived and got off the bus we could all suddenly feel those butterflies we had but it was 10 x worse this time. The team captains went to go check the time and course we were all running. The order went Year 7 boys, Year 7 girls, Year 8 girls and the year  8 boys went last.  

The orienteering course was very challenging for all of us, there were 6 different courses and every person in the team had a different map. There were lots of different obstacles on the course such as animals, hills, and styles. I think we all agreed when we said that there was lots of mud. We all gave 100% and did the very best of our abilities. We were proud to wear the Reremoana pride.
The year seven boys had a very successful day as there team came third overall they also had Caleb Honey who came third on his course and ran a time of 23:38, they also had Bill Axon who came 3rd with a time of 24:57. The year 7 girls also did really well there team did not place but there were two individuals that placed second - Kendyl court who ran 27:55 and Evie Scott who ran 26:54. The year 8 girls weren’t as successful but still came 6th overall there times were faster but weren’t as lucky. We also have new reigning Auckland orienteering champions - our very own year 8 boys the team includes - ( Zach Honey, Mitchell court, Tyrone Solley, Owen Pattison, and Avansh Kumar ) The team had lots of successful results such as Zach honey who came third on his course with a time of 22:57, Tyrone solley who came second with a time of 22:39, Owen Pattison came second with 23:16 and Mitchell court who came first on his course with an incredible time of 20:26.

It was a very successful day, we were all proud of everyone who competed on the day. It was an unbelievable day and everyone enjoyed themselves we were all so happy to go and compete for Reremoana school. All of this wouldn’t of been possible without Mr Fourie he helped us get there and helped us prepare for this day.
How to play Monopoly!!

In Monopoly Empire, the first person to fill up his or her billboard with brand billboards wins the game. Therefore, you want to buy as many brand billboards as quickly as you can to fill up the spaces on your tower. When other players land on billboard spaces you own, they will have to pay the amount of money you’re billboard height reaches on your tower. If the other player runs out of money they do not go bankrupt, so the other player simply takes the one on top of his or her tower and gives it to the player who requires it.

Decide who will go first. Well before you start the game you have to choose your game token. When you’re deciding, you can either go for who has the highest roll or go with the original monopoly rule which is the youngest goes first. You then follow a clockwise pattern for turns. When
 it is your turn to play you will need a specific plan to help you get the big brands ( e.g. Xbox, Coca Cola, and many more ). When you’re rolling a double ( e.g. 2 and 2, 4 and 4, 5 and 5..)you get to take an extra turn, if you’re rolling a six and a six you get to move 12 spaces ahead. But if you make 3 doubles you will head straight to jail and won’t be let out until the next round (when it’s your turn). You will have to pay 100 hundred dollars to get out of jail and then the it will be the next player's turn. If you have performed an action of getting to a brand billboard that no one has purchased then you will decide if you want to buy it.

Bid on spaces that players want. If you happen to land on a billboard that you don’t want then bid it. The bid can go on to a thousand if the player wants it really bad. The banker will be in charge for the auction of the brand and the bidding starts at $50. All follow up bids must increase ments of $50, such as $100, $150, $200, $250, etc. The highest bidder will get the billboard and must pay the correct amount of money to the bank.

Use the sneaker swapper icon on the die. If you roll the handshake icon on one of your dice rolls,  then you can perform a sneaky swap as one of your turns. This means that you can exchange two topmost billboard tower tiles. For example you can exchange your topmost billboard tile with another player’s topmost billboard tile, or you can just swap the tiles of two other player’s. You can have a choice if you do want to use the sneaker swapper, or you just move your game piece the number of spaces that you rolled on the other die. If you do use sneaky swap then don’t move your turn.

Keep playing until someone wins. The player who fills his or her tower first wins the game. Monopoly Empire can take over 90 minutes but it can also go very fast. Well that brings it to the end, this is how you play Monopoly Empire!!!
Image result for logo board games                                 BOARD GAMES

Do you have that old game in your cupboard that has not been touched because you do not know how to play it? Well I
am here to tell you how to play the logo game.

Image result for logo board games cardSo first you are going and get it out of cupboard and put it on a flat surface or on a table.Then you set up all the equipment, and you choose what figures you want to use

Then someone will get a card out of the box and read what the question is then you will take turns answering the question.

If you get the question right you will move on to the color that the card says.

When you get the hang of it you will be able to beat your family.

Over all the logo game is really cool to play with your family and friends.

Friday, 19 May 2017

My terabithia

If I was to have my own terabithia it would be in a forest far away. No One would be there apart from me and a group of my friends.
We would enter by a secret door by in a tree down the road, then a long hallway that is bright which would lead us to our secret, creative kingdom. It's our second home we can go there after our busy days and just hangout or go there when we want to be away from people.everything we wish for and need in life will be there, to allow us to have the best life possible.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

How to order your lunch might save your day

Lunch orders are usually bought by putting some money in an envelope and writing on that envelope what you want but there's a new way to order which is online so that you don't forget to put it in the lunch order box.But online ordering is better because it is easier and faster but if you don't have Wifi all you need is envelope and pen and money but you always got to remember to put it in your class lunch order box but i'm not really good at remembering things so i always do it online.It depends what you want to do because i personally think that online is better because it is way easier for me and its quicker but as i said offline is for people who cant afford wifi.
Image result for school hot lunchHow to order is you go on to the school website and click on where it says deejays or ordering you lunch and then choose what you want and order it and it will automatically be in your class room lunch order box .If you cant order it all the time be like me choose witch days you want to have a lunch order so i choose Fridays because it is the last day of the week and its good to finish the week with a snack but sometimes we run out of bread at home so sometimes i order a mince and cheese pie because there is no bread left in our cupboard.

So this is how to order your lunch at Reremoana school and remember its easier to order online then offline but all you people who don't have wifi well you've got no choice but to order offline.Just follow these steps and you will order a lunch in no time.


If you forget to pack your lunch or if you just don’t want to have anything from home you might want to order a reremoana school lunch you can order it in a few easy steps

To order a reremoana school lunch all you need to do is choose what you want to eat for lunch and see what it costs so that you know if you have a enough money. Once you have decided what you want to eat then you get a envelope and a piece of paper to write down what you want and then you put the money and the list of what you want to order. After you did that and you get to school you put it in the yellow box so that the class monitor can take the box when the bell/music goes.

Once you have put your order in the box then all you have to do is wait until it is lunch time, once it is lunch remind you class monitor to get the lunch box from the canteen so that you can have your lunch order. Once you have your lunch you need to check if you have any change and if you do you need to keep it in a safe place. After you have checked if you have change you can enjoy your food and eat it.

If you order a reremoana school lunch you order lunch all you need to do is put money in a envelope and write you want on it then when you get to school you put it in the box and wait till lunch time to eat it. Once it is lunch and you have your lunch order you need to check if you have change and then you can eat your lunch and enjoy it.
The bully

Bullying is an important issue that the author, Katherine Paterson, writes about in this novel. People bully others for a variety of reasons, one of which is simply to get attention. Write about how you respond if someone tried to bully you. What would you say and do? Why would you respond this way? How would you respond if you saw your friend bullying someone? Write about these two scenarios and share them with a partner.

It was a normal day, coming to school, I had my backpack on and my lunch as normal, just at the school gate I spotted my friend, Hi I yelled, and smiled, she gave a fake smile back and strode towards me like an angry bull. I shivered, I knew that look, the look of pure frustration, and angry, we called it the death stare.
I back away slowly, trying not to make eye contact, I didn’t dare to take off my sunglasses, otherwise she would be able to see me clearly, and mayby try and hurt me. My friend had anger problems and was a short tempered person, if anything went wrong, she would have my guts for garters.
“Agatha” she half in a wild tone, while gritting her teeth. I smiled, phew this thing wasn’t about me “I’m not Agatha, I’m Lilly I said in my head. The I did something I regret doing, I laughed at her.

Georgia stared at me and frowned, don’t you laugh at me, you know exactly what happened, I shrugged and said, “no I don’t because I’m…”,  Georgia stopped me just before I could reveal my real identity “Because what! It’s all your fault,, if you hadn’t told bobby to meet me outside the class none of this mess would’ve happened!” Georgia yelled, and with that she punched me in the nose and cracked my glasses in two.
Georgia stepped on my toes, and looked at my eyes, she burst into tears, “Lilly!?!?” she picked me up to see if I was alright, my nose was bleeding and my toes felt as if they were broken, I had a bully for a friend?
Georgia rushed me to the nearest class in tears, “help help” she wailed, my toes were aching, bandages were getting wrapped around me, I was shocked, my best friend, punched me in the nose. Although I knew it was an accident, I still had mixed feelings about her, was she my friend, or just an acquaintance, I couldn’t tell anymore.